Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Patch {2013}

It's been raining every day that we've had free time to go to the Pumpkin Patch, but yesterday after church we were finally able to squeeze in a trip!
Two very happy littles just before church...
Looking for the perfect pumpkins...
Nah, this is not the one.
Found mine! I want BOTH of these!
{hmmm...what happened to "you can each pick out two little ones and then we can buy a family one"...}
I think I found it!
I want this little one right here!
Happy Girl!
I love all these little ones!!
Grace~ 6 yr. 7 mo.
{I think the chart may have been a little off. She's actually 48" tall.}
Hudson~ 4 yr. 3 mo.
What are all these icky things?
They look like rotten teeth...
Yep, yucky.rotten.pumpkin.teeth!
Lil' Spookies!
Hey...that's the one I wanted!!
{yes, because there weren't 5,000 others to pick from!!}
Ha! But I got it!
Attempt at a family pic...not happening today!
{I should have made us match - ha!}
Happy Fall, Y'all!


Unknown said...

Your daughter wears the most adorable clothes! Would you please add me to your contact list when you have another resale opportunity:)

Angel said...

Beautiful Pumpkin patch photos. Love the children's outfits. Just precious :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!
I sure will, Dionne! I usually post a note on this blog when I list them :)