Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sewing Club...2 years and going strong!

Last night marked two years since we started our fun little monthly Sewing Club and we celebrated with an early Thanksgiving Feast! I'm thankful for my friend Ashleigh who brought us all together. She is always such a great hostess!
Yummy food!
My contribution...baked mashed potato casserole!
Our friend Lara gave us these adorable oversized wooden spools with baker's twine - LOVE!
I found these sweet Christmas ornaments during a recent trip to Tarje' and I knew they'd be perfect for my sewing club girls!
Worked on these and a gingerbread boy shirt that I forgot to take a picture of...more pics soon when they are all finished!
This teeny tiny little shirt has hopefully reached its US destination by now, but it will soon be taking a long trip to Portugal to put a smile on the face of a missionary who may just be a tad homesick for her home state.
And I can't remember if I ever shared these or not, but I made these for a Christmas photoshoot for a party magazine...I thought they turned out cute!  I'll share a link when the holiday issue comes out.
Lots of projects going on around here!! Hope you're having a great weekend!


gnash2000 said...

Would love the recipe for the chicken pot pie

Jessica said...

The chicken pot pie was a last minute substitution from a local restaurant!!! Sick littles = no time to make the apricot pork loin! Sorry!! :(

Heather L. said...

Love this post! Your sewing club sounds like so much fun. I wish I could sew - I have got to learn!

I am wondering how you get your stitches so even??? Love love love the gingerbread shirt and headband!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Heather! I'm picky, picky, so I try to make sure every little stitch is dead on, which means I'm not too fast...but I like the end result! :)))