Sunday, February 23, 2014

first game!

Yesterday was Hudson's first soccer game!!
He sure was excited but I think Lance and I were even more excited - ha! We were silly giddy. I was so glad Lance, who had been in Cali all week for work, made it in Friday night so we could go to Hudson's first game as a family.
I have to admit before yesterday I knew very little about soccer. But they play four 6-minute quarters, only 3 players from each team at a give them a little break, I guess. We only have 6 little ones on our team and 3 were sick so Hudson played the entire game. He didn't mind but that sure is a lot of running! They were so cute.
I was a {loud} cheering mama. Just ask Noonie - ha! I sent her a little video and she texted me back "Are you an excited mama or what??!?" I couldn't help myself. I was so excited and proud of all these little players!!
Go, Hudson, Go!
Hudson scored both of our team's goals - yay, Hudson!
Lance did a great job helping to coach our team! All the coaches were so nice. When we had a little one on our team who didn't want to play, the coach for the other team switched his son's jersey to white (our color) so we could have enough players to go ahead and play the game.
We loved watching you play, Hudson!!
And you see all those great photos up there?? ^^^^^^^ Every one except that first one was taken by this cutie patootie budding photographer!!
So he had his own personal cheering squad and paparazzi...what else could a boy want???!? ha!
Oh yeah, Chick-fil-A for the win!
{player's choice}
Can't wait for next week's game, Hudson!
We sure are proud of you!!
Mama, Daddy and Grace

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