Tuesday, February 18, 2014

hometown carnival + preschool friends

The day after the {Mardi Gras Ball}, we decided to extend our festivities and head to our hometown to spend more time with our friends and enjoy a little carnival. The littles LOVE carnivals! I can't blame them, so do I!!
This little guy has decided that the merry-go-round is okay after all :)))
Always a kind heart, Grace invited a little girl to sit with her so the little girl wouldn't have to sit alone. I hope as she continues to grow and make her way through life, she always remembers that it doesn't take much to make someone's day.
I thought these little ladybugs going around a squatty little mushroom were too cute!
A fun day at the carnival!!
The next day, the little pumpkin and I went to a birthday party for one of her preschool buddies, Bennett. He is homeschooled now and we don't get to see them as often so it was super fun to catch up with his family and some of our other preschool friends.
Sweet girls having a blast!
My prayer is that she will always have sweet,  genuine, kind friends.  Hudson too!

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