Sunday, March 2, 2014

mama + me dates

We've been going 90 to nothing these past few weeks, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm co-chairing Grace's school auction (which is next weekend - woo hoo!), followed by her birthday the following week, all in the middle of a huge media campaign for work. 

Let's just say we've done our part to support the local restaurant scene and I could definitely use a housekeeper right about now. Oh, and 2 boxes of these only lasted 1 day at our house. *shameful*
But in the middle of all the chaos, the stars lined up for me to have some mama + me dates with the littles and boy, can I tell a huge difference when we have that special time together!!
Grace and I went out for dinner at one of her favorite places...IHOP! What can I say, the little pumpkin shares my love of pancakes!!
We had a super silly time full of belly laughs and a few unfriendly stares from some very serious IHOP patrons!
Next day we started on artwork for her Native American Fairy Princess party...
...and ended up with this! Not too shabby for our little collaboration!
Hudson and I had a relaxed date at home while Lance took Grace to a birthday party. We built this super amazing racetrack - he he he...and played for HOURS!! They really just want our undivided attention, don't they??! - that's all that matters in the end.
Love a 4 year old's perspective!
We made brownies and he told me he's going to make brownies one day for his wife "because all girls like chocolate". Smart beyond his years - ha! We "cozed" (Hudson's code word for snuggled) under the train tracks while we waited for the brownies to bake and laughed over silly jokes.
This little guy is a major snuggler and I love it!
I took this picture the other day when he surprised me by reading the words in this little book about the first two commandments. There's so much going on in that little head of his that he doesn't always tell us!!
My littles may be growing up but I still can't resist taking sleeping pics of them. Especially when they are as sweet as this...
Oh, and let's see. Totally random but I'm dreaming of eating this again {courtesy of Sewing Club a couple of weeks ago} with my friend Ashleigh's delicious homemade dressing {I need the recipe!}...YUM!
And I can't wait for Hudson's karate lesson tomorrow. He earned his first stripe last week and he did great in the kidnapper release drill! Way to go, Hudson!!
Of all the sweet blessings God has been so generous to give me, these two littles rank right at the top. I'll never stop thanking Him for letting me be their mama.

Hope you have a great week!


Unknown said...

Hi, Jessica. I'm having a hard time finding sweet, pastel cardigans to go with our MJ selections, and I just love the ones Grace has on in your recent posts (especially the pink). Might you share where you were able to find them? As always, love following your blog!


Jessica said...

Hi, Elizabeth,
They are both from Target! The pink is from a couple of years ago and the mint green one is from this year!

Kelli said...

Jessiceyou have such a beautiful family. I always look forward to new posts from you.

ChyCohMommy said...

I love reading your blog! It is incredible how similar our children are! My daughter is almost six and loves a lot of the same things Grace does. My son is four, he recently started karate and he loves dinosaurs too! So fun!