Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Native American Fairy Princess Party! {Grace's 7th Birthday}

In the midst of all the craziness, this party was a blast to plan...a ray of sunshine from behind the clouds! Meet Tiger Lily, the cutest-sweetest-kindest-seven year old Native American Fairy Princess!!
A little mama + me moment just before her party started. I love this sweet little pumpkin to pieces!
We wanted fun, bright, girly colors and I think we were able to pull it off! The weather was iffy for the day so we brought our tables inside, but the girls didn't mind - they still enjoyed running around the backyard and then coming inside for lunch and dessert.
Fairy wings for all the sweet girlies!
Adorable teepee cookies to greet each girl as she sat down...
And special little details for the birthday girl...
I worked once again with Jess of Party Box Design to create the sweetest invitations and before we mailed them, Grace gave each girl a Native American name, so we addressed the invitations by their new name - fun!
The girls got to pick their very own leaf headband when they arrived {thank you for making them, Noonie!} and we took a sweet keepsake picture by the sweetest teepee ever thanks to Sugar Shacks Teepees! Oh, and I found the sweetest vintage card in perfect condition to write a little love note for our sweet Tiger Lily - love continuing this tradition with the littles!!
Sorry, for so many pictures, but I want to remember their sweet faces and Native American names Grace gave each one!  This is Tiger Lily with Hunting Hawk!
Tiger Lily with Streaking Star (Aunt Tammie) and Red Feathers (Mimi)...
Tiger Lily with Singing Light (Noonie) and Wild Wolf (Papa J)...
Wild Bear and Sparkling Moon with the littles...
{blurry, but the only family pic we have - boo!}
Grace was so excited her first grade teacher, "Morning Sun", stopped by!!
All the sweet fairy princesses, starting with Bright Lightning...
Tiger Lily and Happy Hedgehog
Tiger Lily and Wind Dancer
Tiger Lily and Pink Cloud
Tiger Lily and Shooting Arrow
Tiger Lily and Little Blossom
Tiger Lily and Strong Wind
Tiger Lily and Autumn Sun
Tiger Lily and Little Lake
Tiger Lily and Ice Dancer
Tiger Lily and Night Owl
Tiger Lily and Honey Bear
Tiger Lily and White Pearl
Tiger Lily and Lion Heart
This is what you do when you're the only boy at a girl sneak around eating cookies!!
Time to get creative...
A beautiful mess!
Our face painting artist was AMAZING!! Love, love, love what she did for each girl!!
Tiger Lily in all her splendor!
Hunting Hawk was sooooo patient!! He waited until all the girls had their face painted and when it was finally his turn, he chose an exploding volcano!
The anti-rain dance worked! :))
Girls being GIRLS! This was some sort of contest on who could scream the loudest and for the longest time...
I wanted to get a group picture of all the Native American fairies, but I forgot - boo! I am so, so, so thankful to God for surrounding Grace with sweet, kind friends. I hope their friendships last a long time!
Who knew Native American fairies love taco salads??!
If you wanna take a picture of the guys........... find the FOOD!
Time for sweet treats and birthday wishes...
Thank you Alicia for making her teepee cake!
Happy Birthday to you...
May all your wishes come true!
One super HAPPY birthday girl!
Brownie sundaes per the birthday girl's request! They were such a hit - yay!!
Note to self: next time take the picture BEFORE the ice cream melts - ha!
Oh, the conversations around this table!!
Little girls sure love to Ooooh and Aaaaah!
More crazy games...
Thank you, Klaire, for being such an awesome big sis!!
And before we could call it a day, I had to get in on the face-painting action!! We started talking about it and I think this was the very first time I ever got my face painted!!
Noonie too!
We prayed and prayed for no rain during the party and I kid you not, just a few minutes after 4 o'clock on the dot, it started raining! God is always in the details!!! And a special thank you to Papa J for being such a gentleman to walk everyone to their cars!!
And this is what it's all about...the sweetest giggles and big, BIG {toothless} smiles!
Happy 7th Birthday, Tiger Lily! We love you soooooooooooooooooooo much!


Lesley said...

Oh are just amazing! Love EVERY detail, you are just so creative. You are driven by the love for your children and it shows in everything you do. And I couldn't help but notice the beautiful!!!!
p.s. I visited your Etsy store and saw you are "on vacation" for the month of March. Busiest vacation I've ever seen!! Anyway, I will be contacting you in April to order a birthday hat for my grandson's 2nd birthday. I can't wait to have another one of your special creations!!!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

I always look forward to seeing your parties. You definitely have a wonderful gift of making things super cute and special! I love seeing how you celebrate! Once again, I can't resist saying how I love seeing what we have in common. I have the same cake stand, used the same wings and weather behaved the same for my last party. Ha! So fun to me! Very glad you shared pictures- the more the better in my book! I adore seeing all the joy in those girlies! Blessed indeed!!!

Spears said...

Such a creative and sweet party! Love all of the pics, and the 3 generation pic with your mom and grace is so precious :)

Jessica said...

You girls are so sweet - thank you!!

Lesley~ this is my mom & stepdad's new house! They were kind enough to host us since they have a wonderful backyard!! :)))

Angel said...

Loved the Native American Princess Fairy Party theme and all the details to the party. The colors are so beautiful too! Looks like the girls had so much fun. Thanks for sharing with us :-)

dannideniese2002 said...

What a beautiful party! Love to see my teepees in action. It went perfectly with your theme!

Unknown said...

oooo somehow I missed this post when you did it. you throw the most amazing parties, really just the best! i love your style!

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