Sunday, March 16, 2014

Southern Soiree, Mardi Gras Feast, and a little Lagniappe!

After chatting with some mom friends, I'm convinced that March has to be the busiest month! Aaaah! So many things back to back, and then throw in a school auction, the first grade musical, both littles getting the stomach bug, and a husband who just had sinus surgery the day before the little pumpkin's birthday party and all I can say is that I'm ready to C R A S H!!!

But let's play catch up and then tomorrow I'll write about Grace's birthday party which was so super fun and sweet - can't wait!
My dear friend Angela and I co-chaired our school's silent auction...a George Rodrigue-Blue Dog inspired-Southern Soiree...and it was so much fun! A lot of work, but so much fun to see it all come together.
We couldn't have done it without all of our volunteers who were A-MA-ZING!
Thank you to everyone who helped, especially my hubby, Angela's hubby, and all the dads who cooked delicious, tailgate-inspired cajun food!
Some very talented bakers donated delicious desserts, including these adorable cookies!
Every student in our school drew a self-portrait and we featured those in our "Selfies" Gallery for parents to purchase...thanks for the cute name, Amanda!
Each class collaborated on an art project and those were also sold at the auction. This was ours and it sold for $300!  Never underestimate the emotional tug of children's artwork - ha! 
We had 237 super fun packages, like this cute gardening-inspired basket donated by my friend Alicia's mom. My co-chair Angela really went above and beyond to secure fun items and experiences so that everyone would have something to bid on.
Add in a great band and everyone had a good 'ole time!
In the end we were able to raise $33,000+ for our school! This money goes directly back into the classroom, which makes all the work worthwhile. So happy about that!!
And this was us when it was all said and done - hahahaha! So relieved!
Let's switch gears to preschool...
Hudson's preschool had a Mardi Gras Feast on Fat Tuesday.
They sampled all kinds of favorite were the beignets {little fried donuts with powdered sugar for all my non-Southern friends!}. Speaking of...if you ever go to New Orleans, you MUST go have some at Cafe du Monde. Heaven on earth. Trust me.
Hands-on learning at its best! :))))
Hudson was so excited that both Noonie and Mimi were able to come!
Oh, the conversations!!! Lance showed Hudson the crawfish and asked him if he wanted to try it...Hudson jumped out of his chair!!
Eat a crawfish???? NO WAY! I don't even want to TOUCH it!
Lily held her nose and declared it "stinky" and the other little cutie across the table didn't even want the crawfish on her plate! he he he
BEFORE king cake...
AFTER king cake - ha!
A couple of weeks late, but...........Laissez les bon temps rouler!