Thursday, June 5, 2014

Craft Weekend!

I'm not sure where to start...this was such a fun weekend!!!!  I just got back from attending Meg & Kimberlee's C R A F T   W E E K E N D!  I have so many pictures I'm going to have to break it up into several posts!
When Angel emailed me to tell me she had been picked from the waiting list we had been on since 2011 and asked me if I wanted to go, it took me exactly 0.0002 seconds to say YES!!! And when Amber said she, too, could go it was icing on the cake!!
So on Friday, I kissed the hubby and these two sweet littles and boarded a plane to Wichita, Kansas! Thanks for bringing me to the airport, Noonie!
They did not want me to go so as a compromise I told them I would take two of their little toys with me and take pictures so they could see what I was up to.
Out came Pocahontas and Batman to embark on this journey with me - ha!
And that they did!!! The littles loved getting all the pics over the weekend!
As I was thinking dreaming about this weekend and the chance to spend time with dear friends I don't see often enough and meet new ones and craft and shop and do things *I* like to do without the demands of daily life, I knew I wanted to bring Angel and Amber a little something to commemorate our weekend. 
I stumbled upon {this} fun etsy shop and then {this} great post and I just knew this cuff bracelet was perfect for us.
Showing up is a brave act and the best things only happen when we dare to show up. It's easy to show up when we're happy, but we must show up when we're down or facing a life battle, show up when we don't feel like it, show up when we're carrying those extra 10 lbs. Show up and embrace our one beautiful, God-given life! 
It's funny how life connects people in friendship. Blogging and handmade little girls' clothing brought the three of us together and a beautiful friendship developed out of it. Angel and I have visited twice, but we had not had a chance to meet Amber in person until this week, even though all three of us have been friends for over 5 years! So we finally made it happen! I love these two beautiful ladies and their hearts for God and their families. They truly are beautiful inside and out.
En route to the Craft Weekend house - love the Kansas sky!
Laura & Lauren, the amazing helpers for this month's Craft Weekend - love them!!, picked Miracle, Kim {soooo fun!  love them too!!} and I at the airport and drove us to Newton where the CW house is. As soon as we got there, this ice cream truck passed by - as much as I love ice cream, that has to be a good sign - ha!!
And oh my, the Craft House!!!! It needs its very own post, so I'll be back tomorrow to share pics of all the gorgeousness inside the house.
But let's just say, this pretty much sums it up:


Leanne Helums said...

I cannot wait to see more. This looks like the most fun thing for crafty women!!!

Carrie said...

WOW! This looks really fun, I cannot wait to read your other posts about it. And blogging friends are the BEST!

Fancy at the Farm said...

I need to get on this list!!!! So exciting!!! Love the idea of the toys. You are such a great Momma!

CaSandra said...

Sounds like a dream come true! Confession: my favorite part was taking pictures of the little's toys with you... totally something we do around our house!

Like the rest of your friends, I'm looking forward to your next post!

Kelli said...

I can not wait to see more about your weekend!!!