Friday, June 6, 2014

The Craft Weekend House!!

It's so fun to read about a place and then get to visit it in person. All of us on the ride from the airport to the house were just like giddy schoolgirls anticipating our arrival! 

I have to start with my favorite picture which was right by our bedroom!! I'm sort of obsessed with cow prints these days - meaning photos and paintings of cows NOT black/white cow pattern stuff...have to make that clear before I end up with a bunch of cow print stuff from my family for Christmas - ha!
So after about a 30 minute ride, we turned the corner and there it was!
The Craft Weekend House did not disappoint! It is so pretty and welcoming inside.  Meg has done a great job decorating it!
Love, love the big kitchen table. I neeeeed a table like this at my house - ha!
This is the workroom and it is FABULOUS!!
The bedrooms are so fun too. I love how each bedroom has a different color scheme and style. This is the bedroom Angel, Amber and I shared...the Sunflower Room.
The pink bedroom...
The map that there are 4 beds in there!
The gray and yellow room...
Love this view from the stairs...
Eye candy for the crafter's soul!
Fun areas throughout the house...
Snack bar for our late-night crafting!
Love this sign and it was the color inspiration for one of the projects I made...more on that later.
Fun spot in the kitchen...
So bright and fun!
Love this huge littles would have a blast with that!
And then there is this certain map that I have a crush on...isn't it great??!
You know I just *have* to end it with another close up of a cow painting!!!!!!!! I'm in L O V E! I've asked Grace to paint me a cow and if she's not into it, I'm so commissioning a certain little artist I know {here that, Jenn C!} to paint me one!!
I'll be back tomorrow to talk crafts and swag and share pics of our thrifting adventures and then finish it off the next day with drool-worthy pictures of Kimberlee's A-MA-ZING meals!!


RN and OSHP said...

Sooo jealous! Hooray for you that you got to enjoy such an amazing weekend! I am hoping my day comes one day in the near future :)

Queen of Good Intentions said...

I can not express how totally jealous I am!! I have followed Whatever for years and have always dream of attending. I am thrilled for you to get the opportunity. I love seeing your photos. I have stalked photos of the craft house many times to steal ideas, but I love how your photos really give a true feel for the layout of the house. I have also been begging for a cow print. I found the best one at the Blue Bell creamery gift shop and am still kicking myself for not snatching it up. However, my hubs, a cattle rancher, thought it was crazy. I have to say our cows aren't near as cute. Hope you get one soon. BTW, I squeeled out loud when your post popped up that you went to Craft Weekend. SO COOL!!!

Jenn said...

Just reading back on your blog to catch up with you! I'll put Anna on the cow painting right away ;) Now that the art studio is done she's inspired to get down there and get messy!! SO jealous of your amazing weekend at Craft Heaven!!!