Sunday, July 13, 2014

Seaside, FL...a year later!

I never got around to posting pics from our family vacay last year. I think with making trips back to back and then getting back just one day before school started, time got the best of me. That or the prospect of going through 400+ pics and I just wanted to say forget it - ha! But we LOVED Seaside and we can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks!
These are some of our favorite pics from that trip. Beth ~ these are for you! :))) 
{there are sooooo many pics, the rest of you may just want to skip over this whole post and come back later - ha!}
As soon as we got to our beach house, this is what we saw...breathtaking!
Watching the sunrise from our deck...
Forget breakfast, we're ready for the beach!
The water, oh my, the water!!
I just love the houses in Seaside! It's like stepping back in time.
This post office is the cutest ever!!
Bikes, bikes everywhere! Looove!
And the school!
The town the ampitheatre!
Modica Market
Lots of fun shopping too!
And the food trucks! Fun!
Almost every single day...beach in the morning and out on the town in the afternoon!
Yummy food at Great Southern Cafe!
LOTS of places for sweet treats!
The littles love Duckies!
Late dinner at Bud & Alley's and the littles were worn out from a day of adventure!
Sweetest snuggles!
Bike riding early in the morning and then exploring Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin!
Back in Seaside and dinner at Pickles! The burgers were so good!
Boys will be boys!
Beach babies!
Goofing off at Pier Park in Panama City...
Back to Dawson's in Seaside for afternoon treats...
Sometimes you make a bad choice and then you are jealous of your sister's treat...
Hot dogs and an evening concert on the square after taking {beach pics}...
Making the most of our last day!
See you soon, Seaside!



Eleanor said...

Wow! That looks like an amazing trip. We didn't plan a beach trip this summer, but looking at your photos has me rethinking the decision...

Unknown said...

Yay!! You made my day! Love all the pics! I really have the fever now to get back to Seaside!! Hopefully sooner than later!

Kelli said...

Such fun pictures. Looking forward to seeing your pictures from this year. I am wishing we were still on our beach vacation. I hope to post pictures on my blog this week.

Brianna said...

We went to Seaside a couple of years ago, it was an amazing place. Thanks for taking me back. I will forever remember the smoked gouda cheese grits at The Great Southern. They are AMAZING! I took alot of similar pictures, I love the "lifes short, eat dessert first" sign at the market, one of my favorites... Enjoy your trip back!

The Beynon Family said...

I grew up here and miss it so much! It's such an amazing little town!!!

Amy said...

This makes me want to visit! Do you mind me asking how you found a rental? I looked at a couple of sites but not knowing the town I wasn't sure where would be a great place. I would love any advice you could give.

EverydayAdventuresWithKids said...

Seaside is just such a cute beach town. Looks like yall had a blast! Would you mind sharing who you rent your beach condo from? We are planning our first family visit to Seaside next summer.

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!!! I love, love, love Seaside!!

Laura~ I had no idea you were from there!!!! How fun! It must have been so neat to grow up there!!

Amy & Hayden~ we use to find our rentals and it has been a great experience!

Unknown said...

You take amazing pictures!!! And I love your sewing crafts; you are so talented! Looks like you have a very blessed family. :) I really enjoy looking at your blog (gives me great inspiration)!