Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Swim, Swim, Swim!

June was all about SWIMMING! I felt like we lived at the pool but hey, when in Rome... 

We're so, so proud of this little pumpkin!! She's come such a long way from her {first meet} where she was so nervous that she almost didn't swim to where she is now. She loooooves Swim Team and she's improved so much! She's shaved off 10 sec. off her 25yd. freestyle swimming it in 35.53 sec. and her best time in the 25yd. backstroke was 39.32 sec. There are lots of swimmers who are much faster than her, but as I tell her every time, it's all about improving your time, not worrying about anyone else's!
One of the things I loved most was the camaraderie between the swimmers on our Team. I loved seeing all the kids cheering each other on! Hudson was such a trooper too, going to every practice and every meet. We're hoping next year he'll be ready for Swim Team!
Last week was the final swim meet - the City Meet - and we wrapped up the season with the Team Banquet the next day.
We were sad that Lance couldn't make it. He was in Cleveland and West Virginia for work. But we kept him up to date with calls and pictures so he could be a part of it all!
I invited Noonie to go with us to the Banquet and I was glad she could make it!
Receiving her trophy...
With two of her wonderful coaches...
Sweet friends!
Happy girl!
Hudson took private lessons with Ms. Amy and she was sooo great with him - we loved Ms. Amy!  Go, Hudson, Go!  Swim, swim, swim!
Grace was Hudson's #1 fan! She was so sweet with him, taking pictures and cheering him on every day.
And when Daddy came home Friday night, he had all kinds of fun surprises for the littles, including this backpack that Hudson wanted and Lance got up extra early on his last day there to go and find it at the local PBK store!! This shark-loving little boy was super excited!
Hooray for a fun Swimming Season!!  Can't wait to do it again next year! 

Goodbye June and H E L L O July!!

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