Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More beach pics + time with friends {Seaside 2014}

One of the things I wanted to do while we were at the beach was capture the littles just as they are right now in this stage of their lives and I think these first four pics did exactly that. 

At 7 1/2, Grace is all about adventure and independence. She LOVES the water and has absolutely no fear of being out there. She loves pushing limits and trying out new things.
As a brand new 5 year old, Hudson likes to play it a bit safer. He loves the sand and sticks and building things. He is content to play in the sand all day and only go in the water to add a water channel to his sand tower or to try and catch the minnows that are easily seen through the crystal clear water.
They may fight and bicker as all siblings do, but at the end of the day they are best friends. I'm so thankful they have each other!
With my best girl...
My favorite little guy...
My heart... 
{Grace's blue lips and teeth courtesy of Gatorade!}
Other than the professional pics that I can't wait to see, this is the only pic we have of all 4 of us - boo!
When we found out we were going to be in Florida at the same time and not too far from each other, my dear friend Amber and I were so excited for our families to meet!!! We decided to split the distance and meet up at Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin. Such a fun place!
Go, Lance, Go!
Waiting for our friends and feeling super excited!!
Finally! All the sweet littles meet for the first time! Aren't they a sweet bunch??!
Go, Hudson, Go!
Little girls are so sweet!
Amber and Miss Grace...beautiful inside and out!
Way to GOOOOOOOOO, Grace!!
You know you're in good company when you can still have fun walking in the rain from restaurant to restaurant trying to find one that will sit 8 with no wait! Thanks for snapping this pic, Grace!
Big Grace and Little Grace...and the football-headed girl - ha! That would be Dora, in case you're wondering! A little birdie told us that Little Grace looooves Dora so we gave her all of our Dora dvds to help with the long drive home. I think she liked them ;)
These two were so sweet with each other. Saying goodbye is never easy. Here's to penpals!
Loved meeting your precious family, Amber!!

I can't believe I forgot to post this one earlier. LOOK what I spotted early one morning!!!! With only 1 week to go until Shark Week and all the spottings at Florida beaches, I'm telling myself it was a DOLPHIN. Yes, a dolphin. A friendly little dolphin.
Maybe Hudson had it right all along with staying on the SAND! We came back out to the beach one evening and he decided he was finally brave enough to be buried! So fun!!!  He and I worked hard to dig this hole!!
Dolphin...Shark...whatever! We couldn't keep this one out of the water if we tried!!
I love her free spirit!
Sunsets on the beach. There is nothing quite like it. So thankful for these two and for this time spent together.
One more set of pics and I promise to wrap up all the beach talk *wink*.


Kelli said...

Oh I could sit all day and look at beach pictures!
I love that you were able to meet up with Amber...I love blogging for that very reason. The friendships you make.

Crystal said...

Do y'all stay at a house or condo? We would love to do this next year but I'm not sure where to start. I've heard destiny is SUPER busy?!? Thanks

SAM said...

Hi there i've just started blogging and wondered if you had any advice.Specifically format and how to center pictures.Maybe how to make longer posts.I would like any advice really though maybe even how to get people to start reading.If you answer thanks for your help

Ashleigh said...

Cannot wait to see the profesh pics!!! Grace's dress turned out dreamy!!!

Jessica said...

Me too, Kelli!!! :)

Crystal ~ this year we stayed at a small condo (just 9 units). I loved being able to walk out from our deck and be less than 100 yards from the beach! We use for our rentals.

We haven't stayed in Destin, but we drive through to get to Seaside/Seagrove and it definitely looks to be more crowded...a busier area.

Strawberry Rainboots ~ When you upload pictures, a little window pops up and it'll let you select the size of your pictures (I use large) and the alignment (I use center). As far as blog post length, I think it depends on the type of blog you are trying to build. I use my blog as my family's scrapbook so I'm not too concerned with the length of my posts (a lot are waaay long, I know!), but if you are trying to build a readership, then I would suggest shorter posts with good pictures. I wish I had advice on how to get people reading, but I've never really looked into that, so I'm not much help there. I'm thinking maybe participate in other blogs' linky parties?? Maybe blogs that you enjoy and that way others who enjoy similar interests might find yours. Just a suggestion, but again, I'm no expert here! Good luck with your blog!! It's a great way to preserve memories and make new friends!

Ashleigh~ Me either! I can't wait!! said...

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