Thursday, August 14, 2014

the day before I sent my baby to kindie

Today was a big day for my favorite 5 year old! Kinder testing with Ms. V! He wasn't excited or anything...he he he.
To start our day off on a good note, I decided to try a little waffle hack...cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron! Thank you Alicia for the idea! This was such a super fun {and EASY!} breakfast. Just plop a cinnamon roll in each square of the waffle iron and 3 minutes later you have these yummy mini cinna-waffles! Grace liked hers with just a few squirts of the spray butter and Hudson preferred his with a little of sugar glaze drizzled on top. Give them a try and let me know what you think!
This little guy sure knows how to win his mama's heart. Earlier this week, he had misbehaved and next thing I know, he comes over to me with his signature puppy eyes and a sheepish smile and hands me this sweetest of treasures! How can I stay mad??! I mean, LOOK at those flowers. And the EYELASHES!! He sure speaks my love language.
There's such a sweet side to this little guy. He sure likes to surprise you when you're not expecting it!
I love finding pockets of time when it's just me and him. He usually picks Legos for us to build, but truth is, I'm not very good at Legos. But makeshift racetracks? I've got that covered!
So back to kindergarten testing. We had to be there super early today, but the moment he spotted Ms. V, he ran right to her and gave her a great big hug and the little present we had picked out just for her. And then he was off to explore the Whale Tank!
I think he had fun because he kept talking about how cool Ms. V's room was! Thank you Noonie for meeting Lance and I at the school to pick up Hudson after his testing so that we could go to work! It really does take a village! I was excited to join them back for lunch. Hudson's choice. He picked his favorite local diner...for the pies, of course!
This little guy sure looooooves desserts! He gets it honest. Here he is savoring every.single.bite... eyes closed, a must!
Oh, my sweet dear Hudson. You make me smile from the inside out. God sure knew what He was doing when He blessed our family with a wild + crazy, supper cuddly little boy.
Please forgive me tomorrow if I shed a few tears after we see you off to kindergarten. You are SO ready. I am so NOT! I know you are going to have a great year. It's just that it feels like this was just yesterday...our Friday morning Mama + Hudson breakfast dates...and now you are heading off to big kid school. And I swear all I did was just blink.
Love you to the moon & back.
{and again and again and again...} 

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Billie Jo said...

We blink, don't we?
And they grow.
Best wishes for a wonderful, happy school year for you all!