Sunday, September 21, 2014

because you blink and they're grown

Take too many pics? Who me?................Guilty as charged.
But I'm okay with that. There are worse things, after all.

I shared a couple of sneak peeks from our beach session with Alissa Aryn Photography {here} but she really saved some of the best moments to share with me when we saw our full gallery. I love how she captured Grace and Hudson...our family too.
And when I look at these pictures I realize my littles aren't so little anymore. *tear*
These smiles...priceless!
These sweet moments...the stuff that a mama's heart treasures.
This is my sweet Grace at 7 1/2...always dancing!
And this little guy...equal parts sweetness and mischief. Yep, that's my Hudson at age 5.
Most days I feel like this is a perfect representation of our family...
But there's love. And one way or another love always wins.

So thankful for these two blessings...
I sure miss the beach and the gorgeous sunsets over the ocean.
This little pumpkin...she has a song in her heart that I hope stays with her forever. The world can sure use the type of love she freely gives.
God has some mighty big plans for this little guy, I just know it. I've never met anyone as strong-willed yet so, so, so loving as my sweet Hudson.
So glad they have each other!
Our family . July {2014} . Florida
Sweetest of memories for us. Thank you for the gift of these moments captured in time, Alissa!


Karen said...

Those are amazing!! You all look wonder as does the beach.

We did bright colors for our family beach this year too. I think the vibrant color works so nice.

Erica said...

Lovely lovely lovely!!! I especially LOVE the sunset shots! Beautiful!

Lindsey said...

that sky!! Beautiful! I love the group pics!

Kelli said...

Beautiful post!
Oh my the pictures you had take at the beach are stunning!!

Angel said...

Love all the family photos! What a great way to capture such a lovely family! BTW- I say you can never have too many pictures ;-)

Eleanor said...

I love all your colorful beach pictures! Is it just me, or, do the colors of the sunset complement the colors of your outfits?! Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Simply gorgeous!!

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