Wednesday, September 24, 2014

goodbye china, hello fabric love!

I love a pretty place setting like nobody's business, but our rarely used fine china was taking up prime real estate in our dining room-craft room-play room combo space, so it had to go. Love an open floor plan, but sometimes these large, undefined rooms can be a pain to decorate!

Empty and full of possibilities...
{I wasn't feeling the paint on this one so I just went with repurposing for now.}
Goodbye china...Hello fabric cabinet!
Finally a place to store and display my favorite vintage sheets...
And some of my favorite Lulu & Co. party hats...
There's a little friendly lamb pincushion that greets you when you walk by - fun! A fun giveaway I won a couple of months ago from sweet Kerri...thank you!
I stacked some of my favorite prints up high and the colors are so pretty!
A good reminder to use what I from my stash. But fabric is sooo tempting and hard to resist!!
But it's always little bits and bobs that make me smile when I walk by...
Vintage trim will always have a soft spot in my heart.
Some sweet vintage cards, handmade treasures from friends and embroidery patterns round out the top corner...
So there you have it! A fun little cabinet ready for projects whenever I can sneak in 30 minutes here and there. 

Not fancy, not a room with a door {one can dream! house, for sure}, but it makes me happy every time I walk by so that's a win in my book.

Happy crafting, friends!


KnottedFingers said...

That is a GREAT crafting hutch!! I took over an old computer desk and it became my area. I am nowhere near as organized as you are though lol

jen said...

That is an awesome use of space! I look at my china hutch with its rarely used china and think why do we have this!! Fabric storage is much better:)