Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the rest of october in fast forward

Pretty soon, I'm sure my blog post title will read "november in fast forward" but I guess that's the season of life we are in with two little ones. I treasure our down time and hope to find more quiet pockets of time this holiday season. That is definitely one of my goals!

Fall teased us a bit with a tad of cool weather toward the end of October...but then blink and POOF! it was!
The littles worked hard on their art creations for the National PTA's Reflections Contest ...this year's theme was "The world would be a better place if..."

Grace's entry was titled Celebrate What Makes You Shine!
The world would be a better place if we celebrate what makes each person special instead of making fun of what they lack.

Hudson's entry was titled Project Clean Earth.
The world would be a better place if boys and girls and moms and dads cleaned up parks so animals wouldn't get hurt and families could run and play.
The littles watched baby chicks hatch in their gateway classes...Hudson was mesmerized by baby Jack!
Sheer determination! Grace has been working so hard on sticking her handstands and having great form. So proud of you, Grace!
When moms go out of town for work, s t r a n g e things happen, like clothes get worn backwards...and both Lance and Noonie saw her that day before school but no one noticed - hahaha! It's a good thing Matilda Jane is an "unpredictable company"!!
We had so much fun at the school's Fall Carnival!
Dunking her 5th grade buddy fair + square!!
The moment they realized they BOTH dunked 5th graders fair + square!! Priceless!
Happy boy!
Two happy kiddos!
A super fun night, that's for sure!!
P U M P K I N S!!!!  We couldn't skip out on our annual pumpkin parade either!!
Grace's favorite pumpkin...
Her second favorite...
Hudson's favorite...
And of course, jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner!
And just as the month was coming to a close, Noonie surprised me by finishing this skirt while I was at work one day...LOVE!!
Grace wore it to school on October 31st and it was so cute!! Thank you, Noonie!
The kindergarteners celebrated October 31st dressed up in black for Spider Day!
They had a glow-in-the-dark dance party for their warm-up activity that morning...
Yummy treats...
And posed for some fun pictures inside the spider web!
But what I loved most is all the artwork. If you are ever feeling down, visit a kindergarten classroom and you'll get a sudden mood lift!
Of course, I couldn't let Noonie be the one with all the surprises!!!  And it came in just in time.  A little something P I N K just for Noonie!!
This October was spent celebrating my mom, thanking God for 22 months since that horrible day of her diagnosis, praying for those currently battling cancer, and remembering all who are no longer with us.
I even got us matching ones! Love, love 31 bits!  Check them out!
Up next...the 50th day of school Sock Hop!!! Fun stuff!!


Lesley said...

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE G's Halloween skirt...adorable!!! I must learn to sew! And the necklace is so pretty! I too have purchased those and it amazes me that they are made from paper!! Happy November!!!

Kris said...

I think of younandnyour Mom. I am so happy she is healthy! I too, am very close to my mother. She was diagnosed with colon cancer in March. Devastating news for us. But she had surgery and just had hern6 month check, and remains cancer free!! Life is good!
XO Kris

Jessica said...

Kris~ that makes me so happy to hear! So happy for 6 months and may she remain cancer-free for the rest of her life!! Hugs!

Jessica said...

Thank you, Lesley!
I couldn't believe they were made out of paper either!!!

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