Friday, October 31, 2014

hAlloWEeN {2014}

Drum roll please......................Most popular halloween costume of 2014 goes to................ ELSA, of course!! We did our part - ha!
But what a beautiful Elsa she made! And she was sooooo happy which made hunting down the original Disney costume worthwhile. Thank you to the sweet grandma in Florida that sent it to me!!
Grace, 7 1/2
Halloween {2014}
And after flip-flopping for weeks, this little boy decided to stay true to his roots!
Hudson, 5
Halloween {2014}
Our little Elsa and Darth Vader...fighting over who should stand where...sigh...
Stop #1 to see Noonie... 
{Papa J was still working - boo!}
Trick or Treating at the museum...
Stop #2...Mimi & Pop's house! Cousin Jade was there too!
Quick family pic...
...and off we go! Trick or treating with not one but TWO Darth Vaders!
A couple of stops and they were ready to go back to Mimi & Pop's "because they have the best candy anyway" - ha!
Before long we were back home with two littles ready to crash...but not Super Jaxon, noooo! He was still ready to take on the world!
Happy Halloween!


Queen of Good Intentions said...

So so glad you are back to blogging! I have missed your uplifting fun posts. You always inspire me! I am always encouraged to focus on my blessings! Super cute kiddo fun!

EverydayAdventuresWithKids said...

I think I saw at least 15 Elsa's last night! hahaha Your little's look so cute!

Virginia said...

Grace- you are the most beautiful Elsa I've ever seen! Hudson- you are a fierce Darth Vader! I am sure you could even scare Papa J!
Love you both with all my heart.

Laura T. said...

Hi there! Just an FYI, did you see that the 3 wick candles are 2/$22!!! I am still hooked on the Vanilla Bean Noel! Those pumpkin ones are pretty good too!
I bought a bunch of the little candles online to try. Now I have to decide which ones I want in the big size!

Jessica said...

Thank you, Andrea! Hope you are having a beautiful Fall!

Hayden~ I read that there were 3 million Elsa costumes sold this year - hahahahaha!

And they LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE you, Noonie!! XOXO

Hi, Laura! I did see that! I am *SO* bummed out this year though that the VBN candles are GREEN!!!! Aaaaaaaaah!

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