Friday, December 26, 2014


I finally picked up the slack from my blogging break, so be sure to scroll back through the month of December! ------------------------------ 

For the past few months Grace has been practicing almost every single weekend and finally, FINALLY just as school let out for Christmas break, it was time for GRINCHED! Grace was the cutest Christmas Present I've ever seen!!
The entire show was soooooooo good!  The cast was great, the main characters were AMAZING, the length was spot on, and the storyline was just what we needed to get in the Christmas spirit!
Maggie was Cindy Lou Who and she was PHENOMENAL!!
The Grinch and his dog Max were so funny and so good!
The Heist! That mean old Grinch plotting to steal all the presents...
Cutest presents ever!!
Max stealing the gold present! Way to go Cameron & Grace!!
Loudest cheering section right here!!
Loved the Whos!!
A special reading of The Night Before Christmas...
Helping the Grinch figure out what Christmas is all about!
The reindeer costumes were my favorite!!
The Rockettes were so much fun to watch!
Christmas Returns - The WHOBILATION!
The finale! love, Love, LOVED it!!
Hudson wouldn't go near the Grinch, but Savannah sure did! And what a cute grinch she made!! he he
But of course he ran right up to the pretty girl!!
Giving Grace the grinch we got proud of his big sis!
Best friends!! So sweet!
Grace was so excited that her first grade teacher Ms. Y came to see her dance!!
Sweet friends!!
So glad that Aunt Marilyn was able to come!
With Noonie & Papa J!
A hug from Mimi! 
Pop was getting the car!!
So proud of our little pumpkin!!
The whole crew!
I'm so proud of you, Grace!! I love how happy you are when you are dancing!
A sweet moment when we got home and she realized she was in an ad in the program! She had no idea!!
Keep dancing your heart out, Grace!!

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Virginia said...

You are the cutest present ever, sweetheart !
"Dance there, wherever you may be..."