Monday, December 15, 2014

Kindness Elves, Mr. Grinch + The Candy Cane Tooth!

Kindness Elves 
The kindergarteners at our school have this fun December project where they wear class-themed elf hats in December and do random acts of kindness around the school.
These little elves are hard at work! They've baked popcorn for a fellow kinder class, sang carols to the older kids, helped others tie their shoes and hang up their jackets, made sweet notes and artwork...
I love my WhaleKid elf!
Grinch Day 
On Grinch Day the kinders wore green and did all kinds of mischevious things! But I can assure you this little grinch's heart is definitely NOT two sizes too small!!
They painted their faces and their sweet teacher drew hilarious eyebrows on them!!  Oh my!
They even made their own grinches - love preK and K artwork!!
And answered this question: What would you do to make the Grinch happy? 

Hudson said, "I wood show him how to sow." {Noonie would be proud!!}
Candy Cane Tooth 
And then this little stinker had a very important milestone at school today. And in pure Hudson fashion, it went something like this... 

{in the car after I picked him up from school} Hudson: I was on green! We went to see the second grade musical. I didn't like the sandwich you packed in my lunch. I did like the granola bar. 

And then 15 MINUTES into our ride home he casually mentions, "Oh and my tooth fell out today." 


Me: Did you tell Ms. V? Where were you when it fell out? Did you pull it out? HOW did it fall out?? 

Hudson: We were on the was dark...I just pulled it out and looked at it. And I think I left it there on the carpet. 

Me: You didn't tell Ms. V?? 

Hudson: Nope, I looked in the mirror and blood wasn't dripping down my face or anything... 

So we went BACK to school to look for the missing tooth - being that it was his first and all. 

Grace finally spotted it under an easel just off the blue carpet where he said he put it. 

Me: How did you find it???!? 

Grace: I saw that it had a little red spot where the blood was at the bottom. 

We all cheered that Operation Missing Tooth was a success and we put it inside the special tooth necklace they give the kids when they lose a tooth at school. 

We FINALLY make it home and I open the tooth necklace. It's a piece of CANDY CANE!!!!!! A tiny, triangular white piece with an itty bitty piece of the red swirl at the bottom. *sigh* #toothfairyproblems 

So yep, first tooth...the "Candy Cane Tooth".
They were both so excited that we didn't have the heart to tell them. So we kept the little {SHRINKING} piece of candy cane in the necklace and put it for the tooth fairy.
We used the special Tooth Fairy summoning wand that a sweet blog reader sent me when Grace lost her first tooth {thank you again!} and he named his tooth fairy "Cookie"...
Apparently Cookie Rooftop and the tooth fairy Cookie are related...and lucky for Hudson, Cookie was understanding and still brought him a $1 bill and a coupon for a mini box of Legos because they were too heavy for her to carry them!
Happy {sleepy-head} boy!
I guess all's well that ends well!


Virginia said...

We will never forget Hudson's "sweet" first fallen tooth!
Oh Hudson, you don't know how much your Noonie laughed this day with this story!

sashagirl said...

OMGoodness! Now this is funny tooth fairy story! Hudson will definitely get a kick out of this story of his very first "lost" tooth someday when he is all grown up! Love it!!!

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