Saturday, January 31, 2015

So long, January!

Oh, January! You are always full of surprises.

We had some fun days like our American Girl/Lego Land/Rainforest Cafe excursion...
Grace with Grace! 
So excited to use her Christmas money to get the new Girl of the Year, a baker named Grace!  Thank you Mimi & Aunt Marilyn!
Such a gentleman...
So much pint-sized cuteness! 
(and elephant-sized price tags! We better admire this one from afar.)
My kind of Legos!! 
Sorted. Contained. By colors. OFF the floor - ha!
My kind of horror-movie of mirrors. Aaaaaaaaah!
Loved celebrating Noonie's birthday...
And hanging out with dear friends during a hometown visit...
I even snuck in a haircut and loved saying goodbye to the ever-growing number of grays...
But then, the dreaded stomach virus hit. And it hit HARD! Lance had it first, but when it hit Grace, it came with a vengeance. Poor baby girl ended up in the ER. I've said it before that throwing up is my kryptonite. Well, I had 32 chances in 12 hours to get over my little phobia. It was not pretty y'all. Seeing the little pumpkin like that was heartbreaking. 4 days later, she was finally on the mend. Thank you God!
So although I love your cozy sweater days, I'm happy to say Sayonara, January!
We're ready for all things pink + red around here!! And Spring SOCCER!

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