Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy 111th Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

One of my favorite days in Kindergarten for sure!!
I love any excuse to fancy things up and have fun and to me Dr. Seuss = COLOR + FUN + SILLINESS

So when a last-minute note came home on Friday saying "dress your child in black + white" I was kind of bummed. But Noonie came to the rescue with the adorable Dr. Seuss pocket shirt! Thank you, Noonie! 

I love that our school hosts a Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast for the kindergarteners - so fun to see all those red + white stovepipe hats all in a row!!
They had all kinds of fun activities planned throughout the day. I love, love the fun Lorax juice station their teacher set up and the adorable cookies another sweet mom brought in! I had enough Dr. Seuss bags in my party stash for each child and the parents sent in fun things like the pencils, Thing 1 + Thing 2 candy packs and teeny tiny notepads that looked like Dr. Seuss hardcover books - so much fun!
Sweet buddies!
I had an important meeting after school and Grace & Hudson had to go with me. Thank goodness for understanding professionals!!
They did so well, I said YES to froyo for dinner! Dr. Seuss would approve!
Such a fun day!! 
................................................................................ And oh my! Anytime I think "Dr. Seuss", I can't help but think about this little fella's first birthday!! He was such a chubby little baby and look at him now!!
This was one of my favorite parties I've ever planned.  love, Love, LOVE Dr. Seuss!!
More pictures {here}.