Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Snippets

I have to admit Summer didn't use to be my favorite. But then we had kids and all that changed!
I love, love all the fun stuff we get to do during Summer break, especially all the little ordinary things that end up always being my very favorite.
Being able to say yes to impromptu "sleepovers" in the middle of the week...
Going on froyo dates with my mini-me...
...and discovering new playgrounds with my favorite little fella!
Family game nights way past their bedtime...
...and Saturday morning fun with Daddy!
Trying out new things...
...but always going back to old favorites.
Waking up super early for Summer Intensives and working HARD...
...but then celebrating with sushi afterward - yum!
Getting Mama + Daddy all to yourself because big sister did NOT want to go see gory dinosaurs on the big screen makes it all the more special...
...but the moment you get home it's all back to this because you really are best friends!
It can't be all fun and no work...or can it??
LOTS of these because it's 100 degrees!!
...and uh, hello BEACH!
But what's Summer without a little peach pie from our favorite diner??!  M'mmmm!
VBS is always something they look forward to...
All these littles singing their hearts out for Jesus is just the sweetest thing ever!
Summer playdates with your girlfriends...
...even if it means little brothers crash the party - ha!
Changing out of swimsuits long enough to go see your cousin's dance performance...
...and staying way, way, WAY past your bedtime!
So whether it's a pizza date on a hot Summer night...
Or a girls' shopping excursion...
I love, love, love spending all this time with you!!
Especially when Daddy can join in all the fun!!
I'll try not to be too jealous of your gorgeous sun-kissed Summer glow...
...even if all I have to show for it is THIS! Ouch!
I hope when you think 'Summer' these are the moments that pop into your minds.
Not just the big vacations, but the simple moments spent together laughing... playing...  having fun.
Love you both dearly, my sweet babies!


Angel said...

Loved your post! Such a beautiful sentiment too! It is the little moments. What wonderful moments you are creating for them to cherish! :-)

Annie said...

A busy summer but fun with your kids. God bless them and your family.

Fancy at the Farm said...

So wonderful🎊 Summer is the best!

Lindsey said...

How fun!!

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