Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dolphins! {Summer Vacation}

Vacation is so good for the soul!!  Nothing better than spending a lazy day at the beach then getting cleaned up and going out to dinner with my favorite people!
I think my most favorite thing we did during our vacation was the sunset dolphin cruise from Captain Mike's Dolphin Adventure!
We had a yummy dinner at Coco's right next door.  The shrimp wrap was soooo good I could've eaten two - ha!
A little game of checkers and we were off to our adventure!
This is my favorite picture of Hudson this entire trip.  It captures exactly who he is at this moment in part adorable, one part mischevious little boy!  Love him to pieces!!
I love how the guy in the back is like, "Hurry up and take the darn picture - I'm ready to board."
First mate!
Such a fun time. I'm so glad we picked the sunset cruise over the other times. It was nice being able to enjoy a little breeze without having the sun glaring down on us! My favorite little guy!
My favorite big guy...even if he won't smile in pics!
Our tour guide was really great - so funny and so knowledgeable too! I think she accidentally took this selfie while taking a pic of our family - ha!
But the best part. We saw SO MANY dolphins!! This was my favorite shot I captured...
And some of them even have pink bellies!! Whaaat??! I had no idea... 
{Grace said those were the girl ones, obviously.} #dying
Our little family - Summer, 2015 
Lance-38, Jessica - 37, Grace - 8, Hudson - 6
Always amazed at God's masterpieces!!
We had such a great time exploring Tybee Island, Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC!! Love adding little flags to the map of places we've been!
And just when we were getting used to everything, our week was over - boo! This is how we felt when our vacation was over...
Can't wait for our next adventure!! Photobucket


Ely said...

Hi Jessica, it's all ok? I hope to see you asap....

Debby Nygaard said...

I so miss seeing your photos, updates on your cute family, and sweet ideas and thoughts on life and faith. I cannot remember when you have been "gone" this long.
Hope all is ok with you and your world.

tessie said...

I also miss your posts. I hope all is well.

Jessica said...

Thank you guys for checking in on me! I turned off my email notifications on comments because I was getting so much junk so I'm just seeing your sweet comments. Everything is well. The Fall was so busy for our family and taking a couple of weeks off turned into months and so on. I still post on instagram (@littlepumpkingrace) so if you are on IG, come say hello!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and holiday season. Wishing you all the best in 2016 - may it be a year that brings you great JOY!

Laura Tieri said...

Hi Jessica! I'm so glad everything is ok with you! I have to say that I was getting worried. I was hoping all was well with your family & your mom! Hope you have a wonderful New Year too!!! said...

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Ann said...

Your website is so inspirational and amazing!! It has inspired me in spreading happiness for my two little kids as well. I now started the tradition of celebrating monthly Themes. Hope you have a blessed 2017

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