Friday, May 30, 2008

Let's go already, Mama!!!

Every Friday, Grace and I get to do one of her favorite things - go to Gymboree Play & Music! To say she loves her class is an understatement. Her face just lights up at the mention of "Gymbo the Clown". Here she is last Friday right after I mentioned, "let's go see gymbo". She runs to my purse, gets out my car keys, and waves bye, as if to say, "hurry up already". Once we're there, she goes straight for the exercise balls and smiles. Melts my heart to see her so happy :) We've been going since she was six months old. At first it was just to give her (okay, both of us) a change of scenery, but as she's grown and become more able to do things, she just gets so excited to do all the activities and play on the equipment. I credit Gymboree with Grace's obsession with stickers. You see, as a first time mom I wasn't educated on the proper protocol for kids' name tags. I was given a name tag that read "Grace & Jessica" and what did I do? I put it on my left side right above my heart as I've done all my life. No, no, no - the KIDDIES were supposed to wear them on their back to help the teachers and parents learn their names. So for over a month, I wore the silly tag and Grace was mesmerized by the colorful clown on the tag and would just peel it off of me every time and play with it, amazed that it would stick to her little fingers. In return, I would say, "yes, it's sticky" and hence the love of "tickies" as she calls them began.
Here she is almost telling me "hurry up with the photo, I have things to do, places to go". At first she wouldn't crawl through the tunnels, but now she loves them! When we get home, she is in such a great mood! She wants to crawl under stuff as if tunnels were everywhere. Here she is trying to squeeze herself between the legs of one of her activity tables. And finally, my little pumpkin having a very rock star moment!


TaDa! Creations said...

What a fun Friday tradition! Our Gymbo Play & Music closed just before the girls were born, so we've never been. It sure looks like fun. Love your cute yellow purse by the way. :)


erin said...

She's really cute, love her "Swell" outfit!

Jessica said...

Angel ~ your girls would love Gymboree for sure!! I love that yellow purse :) Now that I carry a diaper bag everywhere I try to squeeze in a little bit of fun any chance I get to carry an actual purse!!

Erin ~ thanks for your sweet comment! The outfit is courtesy of Angel from TaDa Creations, our favorite boutique designer! By the way, I checked out your blog - your kiddos look so sweet!!! Good luck with your impending arrival, not too much longer :)


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