Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Tumbling Good Time!

Yesterday was Grace's first gymnastics class!!!!!!!! I think I was definitely more excited than she was :), but once she saw the gym with all of the new equipment (toys to her), she got a huge smile on her face and kept saying "play, jump, now". I felt very sentimental taking her to the gym. You see, I used to work there for five years during my undergraduate and part of my graduate college years, so the gym has a special place in my heart as do the owners and their six children. They are just the sweetest and have such strong family values! I really admire that in them - no scales at this gym, not even for the competitive team gymnasts. Their slogan is "have fun or go home" - LOVE it! So I was super excited for the Fall classes to begin so Grace and I could take part in the toddler gym class. Lance was able to take off work to come with us so that was extra special for us both!

Here's Grace in her new "bina" (ballerina) leotard, as she likes to call it. Check out the cute pigtails and little pink bows (I told you I was excited :) We're ready for our Sidekicks class! Isn't it a cute name? I heard it once while visiting a friend's gym and told the owner of our gym who liked it, so he changed the name of the Mom & Me class to Sidekicks, so we could include all the dads that participate. The view of the preschool gym area from the deck. Practicing rolling on the cheese mat with Ms. Jenny. Our first activity after warm-up - Grace wasn't quite sure what to think of it! Learning all about spatial awareness. Practicing handstands Learning how to do cartwheels with Ms. Alicia. Tongue sticking out = concentration! Practicing landings. Learning how to pose and say "ta da"! (Grace was getting tired by this point - gym class is quite a workout for both mama and baby :) And check out how fast my little pumpkin is improving in her handstands!!! She was such a trooper - kept her little elbows locked and held part of her weight. She loved the handstands - they were her favorite part of the class! Or was it the little plastic hand guides?? She kept picking those up and trying to run away with them - he, he, he. We had such a fun time - can't wait for next week's class!


Virginia said...

How darling !!!
Love her handstands !

Lindsey Rae said...

Oh how cute!!! I can't wait until she has the back handspring down!

Meandmyboys said...

What a great time she must of had!! We expect to see some tumbling passes while your here :) Which how exciting is it that we get to see you all in about 1 week?!?!?...YAHOO!!

jammiebarnes said...

I love seeing Grace in her gymnastics class. It brings me back to my days at the gym. Seems like yesterday that we were working there. Grace, I love your leotard!

Jessica said...

Awww...thanks for all the sweet comments!!! Grace has perfected "ta da!" and now runs around throwing her hands in the air and saying it over and over again! :)

Jammie, it definitely brought back so many memories for me of us working together in the gym! Good times for sure! Miss you bunches.

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