Saturday, September 20, 2008

33" of Giggles, Smooches, and Fun!

I know most moms must feel like this, but every day I find myself thinking, "how did I get so lucky to have you for my daughter?" Grace, you bring a joy to my life and a love so pure I never knew existed before I had you. You are such a sweet, loving, curious child - I love seeing and experiencing life through your eyes. THANK YOU God for the privilege of being Grace's mama!

A moment of pure excitement! Don't you just love moments like this with little ones?!?! Grace loves to hide stuff and have you look for it. She gets the biggest giggles when you "find" what she's hidden. Here she is waiting for me to find the Elmo she's hidden. Okay, her turn to find Elmo...wonder where he is? :) I think I found it, Mama! Yup, I was right!!! Come here little buddy! Hugging her beloved Elmo Are you ready to go again, Mama? (How could you say no to that face?)

G - R - A - C - E: Grace surprised me the other day by "spelling" her name. We were coloring and I wrote her name on the page along with the date. I pointed to the "G" and asked her what it was and she said "G", followed by R, and A, then G, and E. She got the C and G confused, but hey not bad for an 18 mo. old, right! Lance has been pointing to the letters above her crib and spelling her name with her ever since she was a wee one, and it's definitely paid off! When we went on vacation we bought her an etch-a-sketch and she now loves for us to write her name with it. She especially likes for me to draw "big G" as she calls it :)

Future Picasso at work (such a serious look of concentration :) My turn to do "big G"
Today was a busy day with both a wedding and a very special 1 year old b-day party to go to, but we managed to squeeze in all the fun. Happy 1st birthday, Hayden!! You're such a cutie! Love your sweet smile and those gorgeous curls! See ya later, alligator!

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