Monday, September 15, 2008

Mmm, Mmm... Good!

So this morning during our standard Monday Grocery Run, Grace grabbed a can of chocolate frosting with confetti and wouldn't let go! She was so excited over the little colorful sprinkles that I couldn't bear put the frosting back. I've been teaching her about textures so I figured I could build a little lesson right into the cake baking. I prepared a yummy chocolate cake and saved the frosting and sprinkling until Lance got home so he could help me with Grace (read: so I could take pictures of Grace during her first baking experience :)

She was excited all afternoon. She kept looking at me making the cake and kept saying, "cake, dots (sprinkles), help you". So cute!

Here's our little pumpkin watching us put sprinkles on the cake Okay, let me try This is FUN! Mama, I like "sticky texture"? Hands-on learning is always the best kind...especially when it comes to cakes, chocolate, and sprinkles! And after dinner, time to enjoy the fruits of our labor More please! Think she had fun?!?!?!

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