Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!!!

Don't you just love when an unexpected package from a loved one shows up on your doorstep??? I do!!! So imagine how excited I was yesterday to find a package from my best friend Jammie, all the way from NYC! And inside were these yummy goodies:

Cute little twirl skirt set for Grace. Now, Jammie, how did you know I love this mocha pattern??? This pattern was Grace's infant car seat cover - I purchased it even before I knew I was pregnant with Grace - so that should tell you how much I love it :) Grace - Oct. 2007 (7 mo.) And for me, this book full of funny quotes, like "I get annoyed at my kids for picking their noses. But I do it too."

But the best part of all, Jammie sent the package to celebrate Grace's and my "1/2 year birthday" (we were both born in March). Such a cute idea! And to answer your question Jammie, I think this is a very fun tradition for Grace and her Aunt Jammie to celebrate every year! :)

And here's a few cute pics from a couple of days ago of how we spent her 1 1/2 birthday...Playing chase and hide-n-seek - two of her current favorite games!!

Now, where did that apple go? Ha, ha, I found it! Catch me if you can! Showing Mama her apple Running after Mama - blankie in hand! Hiding her favorite "bina tag" (ballerina leotard tag) behind one of mama's pillows. Don't know why, but Grace loves this tag! HAPPY 1 1/2 BIRTHDAY, LITTLE PUMPKIN! MAMA & DADDY LOVE YOU!!!

Thank you Aunt Jammie for my unexpected present! I love it!!! XOXO, Grace


Lindsey Rae said...

Where do you find these outfits!!! Too cute.

TaDa! Creations said...

Happy 1-1/2 birthday grace!

Jessica, I seriously love this apple tree set! You'll have to take her apple pickin' in it.


Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!!! Angel - I've been looking for an apple orchard! Apple pickin' is right up there with the pumpkin patch for me :)