Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Noonie and Papa A.J. came over to celebrate with us. After going to Mass, it was time for delicious food and opening presents!

Having just seen the wagon, Grace was not into posing for a photo :)

I'm ready!! Who needs wheels anyway?? We had quite the little helper this year :) Of course after our pretend baking session, we had to make the real deal for Santa, so on Christmas Eve, with Noonie's help, we made sugar cookies and decorated them BEAUTIFULLY :) for the jolly old fella.

Rolling out the dough Carefully placing our cookie cutters Learning all about frosting (yes, we cheated with the ready-to-go icing in a can) Oooh, I like that! Grace do it! Grace do it! Let's add sprinkles, LOTS of them! Yummy!! Our masterpiece (aren't they gorgeous?? He, he, he) All the while, the guys were busy doing this so the little pumpkin could enjoy one last ride before calling it a night (not happy to be buckled in). And then it was time for the wee one to get snuggly in bed so old St. Nick would soon come her way. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!


Sweet P Preston said...

Preston and Grace will need to get together and play with their new wagons. And good job Grace on the cookie decorating. I bet Santa loved them!

Meandmyboys said...

How fun! I want to get that wagon for the boys, I bet Grace will love it. Grace is so lucky that her mama prepares for baking and such fun crafts, I think about them only when it's too late :)

Anonymous said...

Count Carson in on the wagon train! Wagon parade here we come!

iaijdek said...

So interesting.