Wednesday, December 17, 2008

decorating help!

In January, we will begin the transformation of our guest room into Grace's big girl room with the hopes of moving her in for her second birthday in March and allowing three months or so for the adjustment period before the new baby comes in June (hoping that way she won't feel "evicted" from her nursery by Baby).

The room is on the smallish side and so after much thought I've decided to get rid of the full size bed that's in there and go with a twin to make the room feel bigger. I also decided to wait on the aqua blue/red/cream room I had my mind set to (see this post) until she's a bit older and we move into a bigger house.

Back in the Spring, I fell in love with this bedding from Pottery Barn and purchased the quilt, sham, sheets, owl decorative pillow, and that sweet little pink owl friend, so this will be the bedding in her new room. I purchased it in a twin size, so in hindsight maybe I was already thinking twin instead of full size bed... I don't normally like to purchase bedding in a set, prefering the mix-n-match, collected-over-time vintage look, so I even surprised myself with this purchase.

The bed will most likely be a vintage find from 8 years ago - a sweet little European single that I had cut down to twin size, added wooden appliques, painted a minty green shade, and distressed. I don't have a picture of it and it's in storage right now so you'll have to use your imagination, but it has a headboard and footboard similar to the one in the PBK picture above and some cute old casters that lock into place.

So here's where I need help! Should I paint the bed light pink, creamy white, or some other shade to go with the bedding? What color for the walls? The room has a big, tall window so it gets a lot of natural light, which I love. What type of curtains? And what about a bedskirt? Style, fabric colors, etc. I didn't buy the one in the picture 'cause it wasn't my favorite.

If new baby is a girl, then I'll need to purchase and refinish a dresser, since we would then leave Grace's nursery furniture in there for the Baby, including the antique armoire in the post below. If new baby is a boy, then I'll move the dresser (see below) into Grace's room, as well as the armoire. And I definitely want this sweet sentiment in there Okay, have I confused you enough? Seriously, I'd love your suggestions and creative ideas :)


Jenn said...

Grace is such a lucky little girl that her mommy loves to give her such pretty things :) that bedding! What about just an eyelet bedskirt...keep the focus up on the quilt?

I'm pretty practical with furniture color...both of my girls have the same color of antique white (that way I can move furniture between their rooms should I need to!) Plus...if I change the bedding I'm not stuck repainting a room full of furniture!

What about dotted sheers...something that coordinates but isn't too matchy matchy? And a couple of extra pillows to break up the set? What about slipcovering an old chair in yummy chenille so she has a reading spot?

Can't wait to see the finished project!!

take a bow Jenn

Jessica said...

Oooooooh!!!!! Thanks, Jenn!!! Love your ideas and I'm crazy about chenille, so I love the thought of a cozy reading spot for Grace. I think I may even try to make some of the pillows myself (gulp! not very good at sewing - better start now so maybe they'll be ready by March - he, he, he). Thanks again!!

Kayla said...

I also vote the antiquish (sp?ha) white bed with maybe a light green wall. I am not keen on the blue wall in the picture. Also I have no clues for a sham.
Congrats on the pregnancy...


TaDa! Creations said...

I love that bedding too! I almost whished I hadn't already bought our Penelope sets when I saw that one for the first time. The owls are just the cutest!

Here is what I would do...

If you have a boy (and the armoire stays with Grace), play up the pink in the bedding:

Walls, a pale pink. Bed and dresser in a distressed bright white or antique white. Window - a white chunky wooden rod with white wood rings and heavy curtain with black out lining and pom pom fringe along the inside edge. A roman shade in a sheer white layered underneath for a soft glow. For the fabric, I would choose a pink and white stripe to emphasize the height of the window (found 3 on PBkids that would work-Caroline, silk and twill). A darker pink for the pom pom trim, so basically the 2 shades of pink found in the blue owl pillow you bought.

If you have a girl (and the armoire stays in Baby's room), play up the blue in the bedding, since it won't compete with the armoire:

Wall paint - I love the shade of blue they used in your photo of the bedding. I would paint the bed the same white as above, but for the dresser, I would use an apple green like the edge of the quilt to give it some pop that the bedding already has. I love that green and blue together. Then I would have the curtains in white (or the green Audry chenille dot panels from PBKids) and add some appley green pom pom edging.

Bedskirt for both versions in white with pom poms to match the curtains. You could trim a lamp shade or chandelier shades or decorative pillows with pom poms too. Can you tell I love pom pom trim?

That's my 2 cents! Have fun dreaming and creating. Can't wait to see what you come up with, I know it will be darling. :)


Jessica said...

Thanks, ladies!!

Angel - I love pom poms too, so thanks for all the great ideas!! Can't wait to put it all together!