Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grace's Brother or Sister

Tuesday I had my second OB appointment (11w2d) and it went GREAT! Baby is measuring 11 weeks 5 days with a heartbeat of 173! My doctor was caught up in an emergency delivery, so to speed things along the nurse decided to let the tech run an ultrasound to check Baby's heartbeat while we waited for my OB to make it into the office. Bonus Ultrasound - check, check! I'll take one any day just to get an extra peek at that sweet little one who's been making me feel so yucky lately!!

Nichole, the tech, was super nice and took lots of time taking sweet pictures of Baby. She even switched it to the 4D just for fun! With Grace we didn't do a 3D/4D until I started having too close contractions at 32wks. and had to be hospitalized overnight. By then, she was too big and crammed in there to get really cute pictures of her face/profile. So maybe we'll get to do a "just for fun" ultrasound between 22-27 weeks for some cute shots of our new addition.

Baby is one busy bee!! Legs kicking and arms stretching all over the place. At one point, Baby decided to cover his/her face while bouncing all around. Can't wait until we know if Baby is a boy or a girl so we can start calling Baby by name.

Here are a couple of photos...

Profile view Long legs!! One in 4D Can't wait to meet you, little one!!

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Sweet P Preston said...

Isn't it amazing to see that little person inside you grow? Hope you are feeling better soon.