Thursday, May 14, 2009

a little sewing project

Take one cute gymbo skirt +

a couple of $3 tanks from Target and Old Navy

and what do you get?

3 one-of-a-kind summery tanks
1 cute 3-tier flirty skirt and
1 fun pair of ruffly capris
all for less than $30 buckaroos!

It all started with that cute tropical flower skirt and a 30% coupon. Sizes started at a 3T and on the little pumpkin the length was a little too bohemian for my taste. Nothing that a pair of scissors and a doting grandma couldn't fix :) leaving behind the perfect little ruffle

to make these and this cute little tank using Jona's fun and easy tutorial so cute together!Mix in some fun buttons, a few little fabric remnants, and cute yo-yos I made courtesy of this nifty little tool I picked up last year at a local quilt shop and you get these two sweet tanks All leading to one happy, fuzzy slap bracelet-wearing (remember these????), barbie-loving toddler! (never mind the deer-in-the-headlights look :) Just one more day of nursery school* and then it's full on SUMMER!

*I can't believe I picked up Grace's first "class picture" today. Ten little wiggly kiddos and two sweet teachers make for a fun photo! My little pumpkin is growing up so fast **sniff, sniff**