Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mosquitoes need prayers too

As I begin to type this blogger tells me that this is my 200th post...on the topic of mosquitoes no less! Wow, life has surely changed since having Grace 2 years ago :)

Every night after we say our usual prayers, I ask Grace what she would like to pray for. For the past two weeks without fail it's been 1) cows 2) pigs.

Cows: "lots and lots of grass so they can give us lots and lots of milk"

Pigs: "lots and lots of mud to play in and popcorn (?)"

Last night she surprised me.

Mama: "Grace, what do we want to pray for tonight?"
Grace: "Mosquitoes!!!"
Mama: "Mosquitoes?? Are you sure?? It hurts when mosquitoes bite us"
Grace: "Yes, mama - mosquitoes."
Mama: "Okay, tell me what we should pray for the mosquitoes?"
Grace: "Cookies, yummy cookies for mosquitoes because they are so tiny and cute and I bet they like cookies."

Oh, to think like a child and see the beauty in EVERYTHING, even mosquitoes!

My prayer for you last night as you were drifting off to sleep...that you never lose your sense of wonder! I love you little pumpkin!


TaDa! Creations said...

So cute! We have lots of those conversations here too. Aren't kids just the greatest? I can't imagine life without 'em.


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