Tuesday, May 5, 2009

single digits...

As of last week, that's what I have left of this pregnancy!

Time has definitely flown by, especially as of late as we're trying to get everything ready for our little guy who is expected to make his debut next month. I've been having some contractions, a few painful ones, but no pattern or consistency so that's good! (Hudson, do you hear me??? Stay tucked in for at least another 5 weeks!! Pretty please?)

At my visit this week they did another ultrasound to check on his size, position, and what not. He is approx. 4 lbs. 12 oz., head down, has a little bit of hair that we could see :), a big head - yikes!, long legs, chubby cheeks and pouty lips just like Grace. And he is definitely a boy, LOL! Good news is he is not quite as low as Grace was, so no bedrest for now!!!

Here are some belly pics from throughout this pregnancy...weight gain hasn't been too bad
(19 lbs.) but boy do I feel huge!...and I thought I looked big in the beginning - ha, ha, ha - joke's on me!

4 weeks

9 weeks

Grace is finally realizing that there is a baby in mama's belly and that it's a boy named Hudson who will be her brother...

One night last week as we were saying prayers Hudson was kicking all over the place so I asked her if she wanted to feel her brother move. She said yes and placed her little hand on my belly just in time for Hudson to give it a big kick. She looked up at me so excited and said "HUDSON!" followed quickly by "we gotta go get him". So very sweet :)

Couple of nights after that, same routine, except this time Hudson did not kick. Disappointed she said, "We gotta get us a new Hudson". Priceless!

We can't wait to meet you Hudson!!!

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