Saturday, March 19, 2011

celebrating 33...

I like the sound of 33. I think I'm going to sit down and write 33 things I hope to accomplish in the next twelve months. But for now, how about 3 sweet etsy finds and some goofy pics of my little family celebrating my birthday which is not until tomorrow but we celebrated a bit early.

Lovin' all these etsy finds...

First up, these sweet vintage birthday invitations - 5 of them...with just one tiny tweak they will be perfect for the little pumpkin to give to her girlfriends for a little Easter playdate, like this one HERE.
I'm thinking brunch, cookie decorating, and a good 'ole fashion egg race. Sound good?

I love Junior Elf Books. Usually I won't buy them if they have price stickers on the cover but this one was too sweet to pass up!
Love the sweet pages...Oh my, check these out!I should have bought them right away but I hesitated and now they are gone - boo hoo :( If you happen to come across some of these while browsing etsy/ebay, will you let me know? Pretty please?!

Trying to get the whole family in one good shot is nearly impossible these days.
But this is us.
34, 33 (almost!), 4, and 20 months.
And I'm so thankful! Oh, and March 20th marks the official beginning of spring, so............
Happy 1st Day of Spring!


Em said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy 33-I have so far ;)

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Happy Birthday! I am 33 too! But I'll be 34 in just a couple of months. Have a great day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, enjoy all of the fuss, you deserve it!!!

Kris said...

A very happy birthday to you!!

Amber said...

Sich sweet finds! Now I am definately inspired to give Reese a spring time tea party :) Now to search and find some goodies!

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is full of laughs and completely joy!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

Happy Birthday! I keep asking for a family portrait for my birthday... but I'm still waiting. Snapshots always tell the best stories.

Queen of Good Intentions said...

looking at vintage etsy for Easter party decorations and guess what I found...
Have you already seen them?

Jessica said...

Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes - it was a great day!

Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!! NO, I had not seen them relisted!! Woo hoo! Just got them...and it was the perfect excuse to add on a little vintage lamb card I had been eyeing! THANK YOU!!! =)

Amber~ you should definitely host a little spring tea party for Miss Reese and her girlfriends!

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