Friday, March 11, 2011

Kite Day 2011!

Today was Kite Day at Grace's preschool. Parents and siblings were invited to come so we thought it was the perfect day to celebrate her birthday at school with some fun treats during snack time.If you haven't already figured it out, I have a *mild* obsession with vintage cards. And yes, I actually write in them...sweet messages for my littles and loved ones. I save all the ones for the littles so that hopefully one day when they're older, they will treasure them too. I LOVE how this sweet cake turned out. Alyson, our baker, has made all of our major cakes since our wedding 5 years ago! They taste as good as they look too! Thank you, Alyson!!Wish Time! The happy birthday girl!Sweet, giggly {sugared-up} kiddos!I wanted to send a little treat for each child to take home and since it was Kite Day, I decided a little word play was in order. I got a sketch pad and some coloring pencils for each child along with "Let your imagination fly high" and wrapped it up in sweet spring colors. {I think these would even be fun as back to school goodies or even as party favors for an Art Party!} My friend Jess created these cute tags from one of her popular invitation designs. Aren't they sweet?Grace LOVED passing out the favors to each child. After a little storytime it was time to
FLY THOSE KITES!!! Noonie came with me to help with Hudson so he could enjoy Kite Day at the little pumpkin's school and who knew Noonie was such an expert kite flyer??!!!Grace got the hang of it in no time and spent her morning going between her Little Mermaid kite and Hudson's Curious George one! Love, love, love Kite Day!
One of the many reasons I love Grace's preschool :)
And this last picture melts my heart...look how Grace is holding Hudson's hand helping her little brother fly his kite!!!
Be still my heart... Wow! What a whirwind of a week. 3 birthday celebrations in 3 days. More to come on yesterday's "Spring Chicken" Family Party and tomorrow's Bounce Birthday with all her friends!


Nichcole said...

OH!! the last pic is a moment to cherish. How I wish we could pause time and cherish moments like this juat a little longer.

Happy Birthday to the cute 4 year old Sweetie!!!!

Amber said...

Oh my...The cake did turn out ADORABLE!!! Do you think Alysen would make a delivery Reese's bday cake...hehe :) The little gifts turned out even cuter then I imagined!

Love G outfit :) Her peasant top is one of my favorites! Love the colors and fabrics!

Ellen said...

You are seriously amazing! Absolutely precious pics - the last one! Oh my!!!

Kelli said...

Kite day how fun! I love the cake and favors.

Unknown said...

girl you throw the best parties!!!!! i love your style!