Thursday, July 7, 2011

in search of...

this sweet kawaii Goldilocks and the Three Bears print, originally distributed around 2007, I believe...preferably in chocolate brown (like the picture) but will settle for the ivory, aqua blue or pink backgrounds too...hey, beggars can't be choosy, right?

just need 1 yard for a super fun project.

if you happen to have some secretly stashed away or know where I can buy a yard of this sweet japanese import fabric, will you be so kind as to drop me a line?


thank you kindly!


Teresa said...

Hi Jessica, I've heard of an Etsy store called JapanKawaiiYa that sells Kawaii nursery rhyme fabrics - took a quick look and couldn't see any goldilocks fabric but perhaps you could contact them to see if they could source some for you -

Em said...

Not the fabric you're looking for.
But I did see this on spoonflower and it's pretty cute.
and this

I so hope you find The One!

Em said...

Okay, here it is in pink for $22.
Who knows how much international shipping will be :P

Teresa said...

You've set us a fun assignment with this one Jessica! I thought you might also like these 9 beautiful goldilock and the three bears themed embroidered quilt blocks on ebay

Jessica said...

Thank you all so much!!

Teresa~ I love those sweet quilt blocks! That is actually the embroidery pattern I'm using for part of the project except I'm going to try my hand at actually hand embroidering it myself. We'll see!!

Thank you Em & Amber for the link to the pink version of the fabric.

And THANK YOU Yoshimi for teaching me the right way to search for Japanese import fabrics!!

I'm excited about this project - can't wait to share more!