Sunday, August 26, 2012

as they are...and Jesus, the fish

Oh, goodness. Trying to get a couple of sweet pics of these littles makes me break a sweat. Natural is best...yes, yes I know...but sometimes all a mama wants is a sweet picture of her littles just lookin' and smilin', ya know?

These were my attempts this morning, on our way out the door for church...

Giggly Grace...
Goofy Grace...
Hudson, the Philosopher...
Hudson, the Dinosaur...
Silly littles... least they love each other!
In other news...

Our little beta fish Tiki Tiki died a couple of weeks ago. One night a couple of days after he died, I was putting Hudson to bed and we were talking about Tiki Tiki. This is how the conversation went...

Hudson: "I'm really sad that Tiki Tiki went up, up, up to be with God."
Me: "You're sad that he died?"
Hudson: "Yes (tears). I love Tiki Tiki."
Me: "I know you do. I do too. And so does Grace and so does Daddy.  It's okay to be sad."
Hudson: "At least he didn't go down, down, DOWN below (big eyes, serious look)."
Me: "Yes, you're right. It's a good thing he's in heaven now.
Grace and I have been talking about maybe getting a new fish in a couple of weeks...she wants to name her new fish Lily Pad, would you like to get your own fish too?"
Hudson: "Yes, I want a boy fish. I'm going to name him Jesus."

So here we are about to go shop for a couple of fish (not betas) and I can't help but wonder.....should I let him name his fish "Jesus" or is that disrespectful? I know he means it with a pure heart, but I just keep thinking, if "Jesus, the fish" doesn't make it, will Hudson be even more upset than normal??????

Thoughts? Suggestions??


Em said...

That's a tough one! Did he say why he wants to name him Jesus?
I would imagine a lot of teaching opportunities with a fish named Jesus and an especially good discussion about the real Jesus when the fish dies.
That being said, make sure you should pray about it. If you feel uncomfortable with it then those teaching opportunities won't be there. You could explain to Hudson why you want to keep the name holy, a teaching experience in itself.
Have fun finding your new fishies :)

Lois' Laughlines said...

Explain to him how Jesus fed the multitudes with the loaves and fish.How wonderful Jesus is and to name a fish after someone who did such a miracle, that name should be His alone. Just a thought.
blessings to you.