Monday, October 15, 2012

calling all superheroes...

We had a blast at Julien's superhero birthday party this weekend. Julien and Grace have been together in school since they were 3 and now he's 6!! My, oh my, our babies are growing up!! 

I didn't get a good picture of the birthday boy Captain America, because he was too busy saving the day, but Happy 6th Birthday, Julien!!! 

I snapped a couple of pics before we headed out the door and they were too cute not to share.

Meet Super Lalaloopsy Girl!!!
{this 3-piece costume was such a great deal...I found it at Target in the toy section for $11.99 on clearance! woo hoo!}
It's Super Hudson!!
What a pair!
Grace's favorite spot: the zip line!
It's Super Lovi...another little friend who's been in school with Grace since she was 3 and who had a birthday the very next day! 
Hudson's favorite spot: the super hero fort/city!
LOVE the laser beam maze!! Soo fun!!
Everyone's favorite spot: the water cooler... actually, make that the PINK LEMONADE cooler! ha!
You mess with my little brother, you deal with ME!
I didn't get any good pics at Lovi's birthday because I was too busy chit-chatting with some old friends, but it was a super cute Pigeon ate the Hot Dogs birthday!!
Happy 6th Birthday, Lovi!!

On a more serious note...
Today is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day.
Will you join me in saying a prayer for all of us with {a little angel} in heaven?
Thank you!


Dixie Delights said...

praying for your little angel baby (and mine too). HUGS. xo

Virginia said...

Definitely praying for all those angels and their parents too. Your little one is in Abuelito's loving arms.

Ashleigh said...

Stop the bus that picture of Grace is INCREDIBLE! haha! How much fun! And how cool was that zip line, im thinking we need to have an adult party with a zip line...

Missed you at sewing club! and BTW, I posted that pumpkin recipe like 3 weeks ago!! here is the link;postID=2294879582411280542

It is at the bottom right above the last recipe!

Ashleigh said...

ok so that link WILL NOT WORK!

try this one!

Unknown said...

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