Friday, October 12, 2012


Sorry about this poor neglected blog but we've just been going and going and going all over the place...soooo......what better way to catch up than with a bunch of camera and iphone hodge podge pics in random order.

First up, oh my the littles were sooooooooo cute for a photoshoot we did last weekend when the stars lined up and we were able to meet up with the talented DeAnn Arnold for pics. She works fast - I love that! She captured some great shots, but I'm keeping most of those top secret for now. I think we have our Christmas cards taken care of *wink*.
I co-hosted a shower for one of my dear friends Segi who is getting married in January - I'm so excited for her!! Love the fall theme!
I'm not sure how we pulled it all off but we were also able to attend Shabella's birthday party.  Shabella is Segi's niece and she is cute as can be!  My littles adore Shabella and wish we didn't live so far apart.
Shabella had the cutest Mickey Mouse birthday party so we dressed the part ;)
See what I mean??! So fun! 
Happy 1st Birthday, Shabella!
My two favorite guys enjoying a little R & R after a busy weekend!
Ever have those moments when you look at your littles and you think, oh my, when did you get so grown-up looking????  Yup, I have one of those almost every single morning at carpool...
Speaking of carpool...Hudson and I have a 45 minute span of time between the time we drop off Grace and the time his school starts. What to do, what to do? Sometimes I have the bright idea to try and snap a couple of can see how well that plays out! ha!
Seriously mama, you think that is going to make me smile?
Oh, but he knows how to melt my heart...
Lance was a bit under the weather so he didn't get to go, but a couple of weeks ago, Noonie and I took the littles to a special 1-day showing of E.T.!!!  It was in honor of the movie's 30th anniversary.  Wow!  I remember watching E.T. as a little girl...
It was a late movie in the middle of the week so I wasn't sure how Hudson would do, but he was GLUED to that screen the entire time!! He loved E.T.!!
We also managed to squeeze in our church's fall carnival...

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it...
I did it!
Hudson's turn...
And somewhere in the middle of all that I got my hair cut, highlighted a bit, and I'm trying to decide if I like to wear it wavy or not??
The littles have a strange attachment to any type of critter I put out front. Remember last year's cat??? This year it's an owl...
Mama look! I'm just like the jack-o-lantern!
Hmmm...I can see the resemblance!
Check out the cute pants Noonie made for Hudson!! Love that newspaper fabric!!  And don't even get me started on that sweet little face ;)
And that's a wrap!
Hope Fall is treatin' ya right!


Heather L. said...

LOVE all of your pictures! Fall is just the best.

I love your hair wavy - it looks great!

Enjoy the rest of your fall with your sweet little ones. xoxo

sunshine4 said...

That is wonderful to have hotos like that taken. What fun memories!

Thank you for sharing your activities with us all.


Tiffany said...

Can you just put me in line to buy every single pair of your daughter's puddle jumpers? Seriously, I'll pay whatever you want for them! I have two girls and I'm always looking for a deal!

Lindsey said...

The wavy look is so cute!