Tuesday, October 2, 2012

no tricks, just treats.

I like to start every October with a little bag o' treats for the littles...the Boo peeps will be floating their way into some hot cocoa tonight. 
A peek inside their goody bags...yes, the same bags we've used for the past couple of years!
So excited to receive a special treat just before heading out to school...
Silly little monkey!  Love him!
Halloween Lalaloopsy girl - yay!
Friendly monster books...
More Lalaloopsy stuff...can you sense a theme, here???
Halloween jammies are a must and this way they get to enjoy them all month long!
Remember {this} little sneak peek? I think this little top turned out so cute!!
Thanks Noonie!
Happy October!


Heather L. said...

Wow, so many sweet surprises! I have always given my kids Halloween treats, but am so behind this year! I know I'm a grown up, but I wish someone would get me a bag of treats - I just love Halloween =)

LOVE Grace's top - just precious!!! Your mom is an awesome seamstress.

DisneyBride2008 said...

Oh my goodness! How cute! Where DID you get those PJs fo Hudson from? Here in the UK there are no cute seasonal ones!

Lili said...

I really love reading your posts, but what I love the most is how creative you are, you are simply amazing!!!!!!

Jessica said...

ha ha, I'm with you, Heather!!! Maybe next year we need to plan a Halloween swap with several of our online friends - that would be super fun!!

Sara-Jayne~ the pjs are from Carter's! They are on sale for $11! Here's the link for the toddler boy ones...they also have them in baby sizes.,default,pd.html?dwvar_V__341-143_color=Print&start=46&navid=carters-search

Awwww...thank you Lili!!! So sweet! :)

... said...

I usually do this at the beginning of the month too...but, silly me bought the Pottery Barn Kids countdown to Halloween and the Cat chair backers after Halloween last year. So, my kids are getting goodies in those daily (I am creating monsters). However, I but lots of stuff after the Holiday at 75% off so that makes it a little easier-oh and I am also putting in stuff that we already have (like her Halloween Lalaloopsy from last year that I packed up with the Halloween stuff). I also have our Halloween books wrapped and they each get pick one to open everyday. I love Halloween...but, yes this is extreme.

I am doing a Halloween swap on one of the boards I am on...have done it for a few years...and, it is so much fun!

Do you think your mom will come teach me how to sew. I've begged my Mom to but she just never gets to it.

sunshine4 said...

I enjoy seeing your creative talents and how you make such nice moments for your children and as a family.

I would love help from you as to how you made the stickers to go on gret bags and plates for your sons gruffalo party so I can use that technique to help woth parties for our one year old daughter in future years? Could you maybe do a tutorial?

Thanks and keep enjoying your family, ;)