Monday, January 21, 2013

day planner crush

Every year I look for the perfect day planner to keep me organized, use it a couple of months, and then out the door it goes. I think I finally found a keeper!!
Ordered {this one} from Paper Coterie when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be happier!
The monthly layout is perfect for me because I'm visual and like to see everything together on one page...
I love that it has these fun pages with categories like "10 things I am grateful for", "a funny thing happened", and "favorite moments" much better than "to do" and "budget" - ha!
But what I love most are the pictures sprinkled throughout!!
Every time I open my planner and see pictures like these, my heart grows a little fuller...
At 8" x 8", it's the perfect size to keep tucked in my purse. But if you see me finding excuses to pull it out randomly just to sneak a glimpse at my favorite people, you'll know why!!
I have a feeling this one will be around way past 2013...
Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

That is the perfect planner! Thank you for sharing this, wouldn't that make a great Christmas present for Grandma's!!

Betty said...

I gave my daughter one for Christmas. She loves it.

Laura T. said...

I have been sitting here all morning looking through your blog. I found you in a round about way while looking for Valentine printouts for a project of mine.
I too love vintage things & themed parties. I want to come to one of yours!!! I love all the little touches you add to your parties. I'm a crafter & I love to bake too.
I'm just south of Chicago. What part of the country are you from?
I'm glad I found you. I still have more catching up to do on your past posts.
Have a wonderful day!

Kacey said...

Ooooh I am loving that! I have to have a planner every year to operate. I'm loving how you can personalize yours though. Hmmmm...may have to make a switch next year!

Angel said...

Love it! I know I do the same thing buy a planner and then I am done with a couple months later but the customization and layout make it so perfect. Thanks for sharing :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!!

Laura, I'm in the good 'ole South!! :)))
So nice to "meet you"!! Come on down!!

NinaMeyers said...

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