Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Noonie's Birthday!

I don't have adequate words to tell you how much your sweet words and outpouring of support mean to me, to my mom, to our entire family. We firmly believe in the power of prayer and we thank you for keeping her in your prayers as she undergoes a second surgery on Tuesday, January 22nd. She has told me time and again how reading and re-reading the comments has touched her heart. ThAnK yOu, fRienDs!

Guess whaaaat???!
Today is Noonie's birthday!! Her 62nd! Woo hoo! We are celebrating by taking her out to eat tonight at one of our favorite hibachi grills - yum!
And since I'm behind on posting pics, I want to share our Dia de los Reyes pictures - yes, the 3 Wise Men. You can read about this sweet tradition here, here, and here.
Yup, that's us cutting what little green grass is left in our backyard to leave for the camels of the Wise Men, who as they travel through the night on January 5th, on their way to meet baby Jesus, stop by the homes of good little boys and girls to have a midnight snack of grass and water and then leave a little present or two under the beds of the littles...
Comparing who had more grass...always a competition around here!!
With Noonie!
My sweet littles...
On our way to my dear friend Segi's rehearsal dinner!
Just before bedtime, the littles put their little bowls of grass under their beds...
And then on the morning of January 6th...Epiphany...
Yes! They ate all the grass and left a couple of presents for the littles!
Look, mama! They ate it ALL!
So excited!
And then later that morning, Noonie & Papa J stopped by...
My very own artist palette & canvas set with REAL paints!
Hudson's turn!
The box was even MORE fun! ;)
ThANk yOU, NooNie & PaPa J!

And....................Happy, Happy Birthday, Noonie!!! We love you so much!!


Virginia said...

Thank you !!!!! I know it is going to be a wonderful birthday. I thank God for another year of life to praise Him and to enjoy life with all my loved ones.
Mom/ Noonie
PS: I'm looking forward to that supper today!

Myra B said...

I know I am a little late on it, but I am definitely praying for your mom. I lost 2 of my aunts to breast cancer, and truly believe the power of prayer is what keeps my own mother healthy and cancer free. You have a beautiful and faith filled family. Happy Birthday to your mother!

Mere said...

I found your blog on pinterest from your North Pole breakfast post last year (I love it! I can't wait to do that with my future littles!) and I've really enjoyed reading about all the ways your family celebrates life.

I also wanted to let you know that I have Noonie & and your whole family in my prayers!

Jennifer Plus Love said...

you look great Jessica, you need to tell us what your doing. I am also working on losing weight myself and lord it's hard.
I also happy bithday to your mama! Que dios la bendiga con muchos mas.

love your dress and shoes! Cute

Unknown said...

Love your dress and shoes!!! Noonie looks happy that makes my heart warm!!! <3

Lili said...

Happy Birthday Noonie, I'm so happy that you're out and about celebrating another wonderful year!!!! You and your beautiful family are part of mine, I always talk about Jessica as if we were old friends, thanks God for the blogger world. God Bless You my dearest Noonie, and may this year bring you new hopes, challenges, and health. Love ya tons!!!!!