Monday, March 4, 2013

birthday projects...{Picnic in the Park Birthday}

Today is the first day of my week long STAYcation and I couldn't be happier!!! That is minus the two bloody knees from an ever-so-graceful carpool accident this morning :(

I'm working on lots of fun birthday projects, like this bAnnER...
And these fun upCYcLed cONtaInErs!  I still have to add trim to them, but boy, am I glad I saved some of these containers!!
I'm happily swimming in a pILe of fABrICs and tRiM...
Oh, and there's one of those knees...oUCh!
More soon!
{projects that is, not knees - ha!!!}


Queen of Good Intentions said...

Can't wait to see all your photos! I can tell it is going to be a fabulous party!

Angel said...

Darling sneak peak of your banner! love your choice of sweet fabrics. Hope your boo boo is all better soon :-)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hope you feel better!

Unknown said...
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the Hey Cupcake! said...

Do you hand cut your flower shapes out of fabric? I've been cutting a lot of fabric flowers and wondering if there's a quicker way to do it! Your poor knees :( Feel better!

Unknown said...

Sorry for the triple comment! Not sure how that happened!

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