Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthdays, Birthdays, and more Birthdays!

We have been birthdaying for weeks!  The first part of the year is a birthday fest around here.  And that's all right by me.  I love celebrating the people I love.  And while I'm talking about celebrating, let me just throw in my 2¢ worth regarding some of the posts I've read lately on other blogs about reigning it back in or doing "too much" for holidays. 

The way I see it is simple.  If you like to do it big, DO IT BIG.  If you like to keep it simple, KEEP IT SIMPLE.  I like to do both depending on the ocassion, although I tend to slide toward the BIG side more times than not.  

I have no idea why this continues to be something that is argued so much, I mean, I don't see people raising a stink over someone who likes to spend all their time running because they want to complete a marathon, right?  If it's what they are passionate about, I say GO FOR IT!!  So you like to go all out for holidays, GO FOR IT!  So you don't want to do more than just wear green for St. Patrick's Day, then just WEAR THAT GREEN SHIRT PROUD and don't worry about the rest!

So long as your heart is in the right place, your intentions are honest, and you keep perspective of the things that really matter in life, throw that big party and make the fancy valentines if it's what makes your heart pitter patter.
End of 2¢ worth, although it was more like 10¢ for the extra words, right?  Or maybe 1¢...

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated Papa J's belated birthday...Happy Birthday, Papa J!!
The littles are always beyond thrilled to help anyone blow out candles or open gifts :)))
Grace's teacher Ms. V had a birthday the Tuesday of {Teacher Appreciation Week}.  We took donations from the class and got her a Visa gift card to spend on whatever her heart desires.  She's taking a big trip over Spring Break so maybe it'll come in handy!  And, of course, we had cake!  Can't have a birthday without a little cake??!!
I love how excited all the littles were.  Littles make birthdays, as far as I'm concerned!

Then a certain someone around here turned the big 3-5.  {sorry for the blurry phone pic, this was me sending the hubs a little text msg. to thank him for the gorgeous bouquet!) 
35...that somehow seems like such an official grown-up age, doesn't it?  I remember many times in my 20s saying things like, by the time I'm in my 30s...and...by the time I'm 35...some of those have come true and some I'm still working on, but I do know for sure that every day is a gift from God and even though I often fall short on this, every day should be treasured like there is no tomorrow.
Hudson was still a bit under the weather with the constant dry cough, but he was soooo sweet!  When he saw everyone giving me cards/gifts, he ran to his room and grabbed this dump truck and brought it to me as my birthday gift!  That right there is L.O.V.E.!!
Grace drew our family and made the funniest drawing of Jaxon, our dog...he looks like a little meatball in the picture! he he he  I treasure these sweet gifts from the heart!
It was a looooong day.  This was the day of our big site visit at work, but it ended with me being surrounded by the people I love most...and that's what birthdays are all about!
And I have to brag on Noonie for a second.  A couple of weeks ago when I was on vacation, she and I snuck away during the day for a couple of hours to visit our favorite local antiques store.  I found an old peanut butter jar that I LOVED but I ended up putting it back. 

Well, she went back to the store and found it for me!!  Yes, even after this particular vendor had rearranged his booth!!  Thank you, Noonie!!  And thank you to all my sweet family and friends who made the day extra special for me!
I've been getting the sweetest emails from blog readers about all kinds of things.  I think God knows I've been needing a little extra sunshine, so tHaNK yOU for all the love!!  Sorry I'm so slow to respond.  One question I get all the time is about my pictures and how I get the littles to smile.  I wish I had some super awesome secrets to share but I don't.  I'm not a professional photographer by any means, but I am a mom who loves pictures so..........

Enter bribes, threats, potty humor, funny jokes.  Yes, you should see the things I sing or the riddles I make up!  Take this series of pics for example.  This might be the one that ends up on the blog...
But these are just a couple of the behind the scenes that it took to get that one up there! 

Grace, pretend you are a fierce cat (no clue where this came from!) and show me how you would spook someone...
What would a leprechaun look like if he got caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar?  Hey, we had just had St. Patrick's Day and we were still talking about it!
And sometimes I even let her take a picture of me *gulp*...
But do what you have to do!  I know years from now I will be glad I was *picture obsessed* {love you, hon!}

And finally, just a couple of sneak peeks from recent orders...
Now.....go out and celebrate!  Big or small, doesn't matter.  Just do it! 


Sarah said...

I agree with you. We don't have to be the same. I'm more of a simple celebrator. But I learn from people like you to plan ahead and do things more intentionally for my boys.

Kelli said...

First off Happy Birthday!!!
I am so sad when I read the party bashing...I look at it this way. My kids are only little once and they grow up SO fast that I want to celebrate evertyhing..big or small. They may not remember everything about the celebration but they will remember it. Do what makes you and your family happy and do not worry about what others think. They are your memories.

Lauren & Eddie said...

Oh my WORD I could not agree more. It should not matter what kind of party your mama's sister's daughter's cousin's nephew threw last year. It shouldn't matter how much planning did or did not go into it. It shouldn't matter how much money they spent. Holy cow! Do you what you want to do and don't worry about everyone else! I do NOT throw parties to impress my friends or get myself pinned on Pinterest. I do it because I love to do it. Would my kids love it just as much if I threw it together at the last minute? Yes! But it's MY hobby. Ha! Goodness gracious. Keep on with your party planning because I LOVE to read about it!

Eleanor said...

I agree with you. (I was a little more charged up about this subject last week when I saw the infamous post.) My conclusion overall is that you should do what makes you happy! Whether it means going big or keeping it simple. There is no one way to be a great mother...And although my opinion may differ, that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so I shouldn't second-guess myself or what I do. That said, it looks like you had a great birthday. If my son gives me one of his trucks (his most prized possessions), it means something!:) It melted my heart to see that photo. Oh, I loved Grace's hand-made card for you. You have a couple of sweeties! Happy Birthday!!!

Jay Jay M said...

Agreed! My fav phrase to say is "Do You"! If people would worry about what's going on in their own houses the world would be better off. I was way charged about this subject last week! Happy Birthday to you!!!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Birthday on! March is our craziest birthday month as well -- my dad, SIL, uncle, cousin, and three of the five of us here by month's end. Totally crazy and wonderful. Glad you are all celebrating too ... and so heartened to see your mom looking well. XO

Nicole said...

Your post is so on target! If party/event planning brings you joy, is a passion, and is a hobby, why not? I find it is a creative outlet I enjoy. It doesn't bring me stress so why should I make it simple if that's not what I want? There are other ways to live simply, but simple parties aren't my thing :-)

Home Sweet Home Place said...

This is a touchy subject with me too! I could care less what others do but someone always has to make a comment about what I am doing! I saw a bunch of stuff going around on FB re: St Patrick's Day stuff but didn't see the "infamous" post Elenore commented on. Would love to see it though! Keep doing what you are doing! There is only a small window in the lives our children where they want to be with us regardless of a big or small celebration - so I say celebrate!! Make the kinds of memories you want to look back on and you want your kids to look back on.
On another note, there was a recent interview with a high level exec (female) on the Today show. She hadn't had children bc she wanted to focus on her career. Now, at 47, kids is what she wants!! And in her interview, she was upset that she was going to miss out on all the special moments - she rattled on first steps, first teeth, etc. but she always mentioned birthday parties!! Regardless of how you celebrate, they are important milestones! So again, long winded I know, I say celebrate (and post on your blog!!) because I need inspiration!! heheheh

Best to you and your family! Happy birthday too! xoxo

Jessica said...

Thanks for letting me vent everyone! And thanks for sharing your thoughts too! Glad to know I'm not the only one who says "let it go, already!" to this debate!! :))))

Jessica said...

And thanks for the birthday wishes!!

XOXO, Jessica

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