Monday, April 8, 2013

azaleas, dance, pinocchio, and other random stuff!

It is finally beginning to feel like Spring and I'm soooooooooo excited!! As much as I grumbled my way through the early days of Daylight Savings Time a couple of weeks ago, I'm now lovin' the extra couple of sunshine-y hours in the late afternoon!  And the azaleas...oh my, the azaleas!!  They seriously take my breath away.  Loooooooooooove!
This has nothing to do with Spring, but I love this sweet candle I picked up at Target the other day...
The week started off a bit shaky for us.  Pop gave us a scare and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days.  He's one of my favorite peeps on Lance's side of the family so I was very happy to see him go home a couple of days later, feeling much better.  And the littles decided that they too, wanted to give me a heart attack...check out what they got into when we visited Pop in the hospital...Aaaah!
Saturday was a crazy busy day for us. The little pumpkin had recital's a little sneak peek...sooo grown up lookin' I can hardly stand it!!
And then we had exactly 25 minutes to get home, eat lunch, and change clothes to go see Pinocchio!  Yippee!  Yes, Noonie and Papa J got tickets for the littles as a surprise!! 
I snuck in there too, because I LOVE art and theatre, but Lance decided he wanted to stay behind so he could have an afternoon of uninterrupted time to fix the fence in our backyard - win/win!
Please disregard the cRaZY make-up on the little pumpkin...yes, she is wearing more than me - Ha! Eating lunch won out over make-up removal in our mad dash...
This was right after Noonie and Papa J told them what their surprise was!
Super excited!  She shares my love of art and theatre :)
Hanging out with Noonie during intermission...
Of course we had to go for frozen yogurt afterward, but before we made it to our usual spot, we had to squeeze in some pictures in front of the azaleas which are in full bloom and beyond GoRGEouS!!!
Driving by these azaleas everyday just makes my heart sing!  I am in awe over all the beauty our mighty God has placed on this earth! 
The littles love running around these gardens and even picking the tiniest of little weeds...
For you, Noonie! I love you!
The little pumpkin showing me how to curtsy...he he he.
We were having a grand 'ole time just basking in the sun and running free until a weird man came behind us and tried to snap pics of my littles without even asking!!  Creeeeepy!  There might have been a bit of a language barrier, but I had to tell him to please not take any pictures of my children - it just freaked me out.  I was very glad Papa J was there with us!!  Check out Hudson's expression at the man...
And oh my, the countdown to the end of radiation for my mom is now just 2 more treatments!!!  I'm doing cartwheels in my head!  {because if I tried to do them for real..............well, let's just stick to doing them in my head!}  Take that cancer!  Lego entertainment provided by Hudson...while I was trying to enjoy a few leisurely minutes of uninterrupted reading :)
So beyond happy for you, Noonie, and so thankful to our loving God for many, many, many answered prayers!  Thank you for a wonderful Saturday, Noonie & Papa J!
Happy Spring Everyone!


tessie said...

First of all, I want to be young again so I can wear those adorable bloomer/shorts and twirly dress!
Secondly, your sweet daughter looked like a perfect Alice in Wonderland when she courtsied.
And finally, so glad to hear your Mom is almost finished treatment...she looks so happy and healthy in your photos.

Kelli said...

Oh my look how grown up she looks in the ballet picture! They just grow up so fast....
Oh and I LOVE the bow tie!
You find the best places to take pictures of your cuties.
Yay only two more treatments for your mom. Prayers to her...

Virginia said...

We had a WONDERFUL time with you, little ones!
So glad you liked the surprise...and the azaleas...and the yogurt treat! Thanks for all the beautiful mini-"flowers" that you picked up for me!
Love you with all my heart, Noonie

Jessica said...

Thank you so much sweet friends!!!!

And thank you again, Noonie!! :)

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