Wednesday, April 3, 2013

blink and it's gone.

Sometimes the stars line up and you're able to capture a moment you never even saw coming in the first place...
I love, love, love that picture of the littles!! Taken by the side of the road, in a spontaneous moment, on an otherwise ordinary day.

The back story... It was close to 5:00p and we had just picked up a few last minute ingredients we needed for dinner.  I grabbed a box of cuties because we can't seem to get enough of those! 

I still had the baskets in the back of my car from the school Easter parties and the adorable "You're a Peach" sack actually held a little gift for a friend I had been meaning to drop by her doorstep. 

The azaleas caught my eye as I turned near a doctor's office.  They were beginning to bloom, just like this little part little girl, one part big girl.
This handsome little fella is a charmer.  He has these gorgeous brown eyes that look deep into yours just seconds before he gives the sweetest hugs you've ever had.  He says things to me like, "Hi there, my dear little mama!" and "I just need to love you!" before planting a sweet one right smack on my face while plopping down on my lap in a fit of three year old giggles.
Thankfully, my littles are used to me saying, "Let's get out of the car real quick..." Sometimes we need to capture a moment because blink, and it's gone.


Carrie said...

Beautiful photos! Spring is just bursting! I can't wait till it hits St. Louis!!

Kelli said...

Oh my Jessica such cute pictures....LOVE the first one. You are so good at this. Love the little peach bag.
Hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday!

Unknown said...

I've never bought any MJ but, Grace's outfits are wearing me down! Lol.

Virginia said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! Glad you are taking the time to capture all these special moments. The kids grow fast (too fast!) and all these pictures will be real treasures...for you and especially for them!

Nicole said...

Such a sweet photo of your two babies! Sometimes spontaneous moments are the best!

Angel said...

These are such sweet pictures of your littles. You are always so creative and took a Spontaneous moment and made it a memory. I love that!

kelly said...

So sweet! Amazing photo opp that people pay for! What a great eye. Love the peach bag, where did you buy that?

Jessica said...

Thank you ladies!!

Jay Jay...we L.O.V.E. MJ around here!! :)

Kelly~ the peach bag is from Bath & Body Works!! It took everything I had not to buy a bunch of them!! They were just $3 and so adorable!!