Sunday, January 26, 2014

100th day of toothed smiles...kindergarten testing...

...and so much more!

We celebrated the 100th day of school in the little pumpkin's class last week. My Co-Room Mom Alicia and I brought these little treats to make their day a bit more special. No fancy cupcakes here. Just a box mix, tootsie rolls and peach rings and voila! And oh my, they loooooved them! I'm making another batch for Hudson's class tomorrow!
The little pumpkin lost one of her top teeth and looks so cute! Here's the new smile!!
This little fella had his KINDERGARTEN testing this past week!! I can't believe he is old enough to take the kindie entrance exam!!! He was full of PERSONALITY the morning of the test. Fingers crossed he did well.  We'll find out mid-April. If he gets in, he and Grace will be at the same school and that will just be SO NICE on this mama!!
I went furniture shopping with Noonie on Friday to help her select some pieces for their new house and ended up finding furniture *I* neeeeeed, like this table...
Yesterday we went to McKinley's Mardi Gras themed 8th birthday much fun!! Her mama sure knows how to throw a par-tay!!
Hudson was mesmerized...
Instead of cake or cupcakes, they each had their own mini King Cake. As you can see, Hudson didn't like it one bit - ha!
{Seriously, I blinked and he had eaten HALF of it...and they were BIG!!}
A late lunch date with my favorite girl...makes my heart smile :)
To chop or not to chop...that is the question! I bought this dress from the Matilda Jane after-Christmas sale and I can't decide if I should remove the bottom layer to shorten it. The skirt has 3 full layers, each edged in lace. Thoughts??
Pink.ballet.flats! It was love at first sight for the little pumpkin! I must admit, I was pretty smitten myself. We went shopping for a dress for her first Daddy-Daughter dance and although we didn't find a dress, we did find these adorable shoes!! It's a start!
Working on a little V-day shirt for Hudson...hoping to finish stitching it soon.
My new favorite sign. I found the print in a stack of papers I was cleaning out last month and decided to frame it. LOVE the message!
Always a good reminder...
Have a great week!


Sara Moon said...

Chop! The bottom layer!

Unknown said...


Eleanor said...

Show off those gams!;)

Kelli said...

Chop!! I love your print!

DaphneH said...

I say no to the chop:) I love it the way it is. And where did you find the pink shoes? Those would be perfect flower girl shoes for a wedding we have coming up!

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