Saturday, January 18, 2014

missing Noonie

I decided to take a little breather and well, a little breather turned into a couple of weeks! Thank you for the sweet emails and messages. I survived the stomach bug that had me hostage for 2 days - whew!

I have lots to catch up on, but first things first. My sweet mom has been in Puerto Rico for the past two weeks spending time with my dear grandma who was not doing too well when my mom left {but she seems more stable now, thank goodness!}

Since she was going to be gone for her birthday, I decided to host a little birthday lunch in her honor...just my mom and stepdad and us...simple but with a lot of love.
{Hudson is wearing his "Papa J jacket" as he likes to call it!  he he he}
Noonie and Papa J brought the littles a few {3 Kings Day} surprises a day early...they were so excited!!
Papa J had a special treat for the littles...what could it be???
Be still my heart! I love this sweet, sheepish smile!!
I love handmade!!
We sang happy birthday to Noonie...
And gave her some fun little presents...
A little someone loves helping with presents...
Sweet, sweet moments. The little pumpkin was so sad that Noonie was leaving for a couple of weeks. She kept giving her hugs and kisses...
Papa J always knows how to put smiles on their sweet faces!
We even snuck in a little trip to Gladewater, TX, before Noonie's trip to go antiques shopping...we had never been, so it was fun to explore a new place...
Love this sweet picture of my mom and my littles!
Later in the day a little someone was feeling a bit sad thinking about Noonie being gone for a couple of weeks, so we spent lots of one on one time that hopefully helped a little...she surprised me by learning how to braid her doll's hair using the book Noonie gave her!
And then it was matching hairdos for Grace and her doll...
I even got my own personal stylist!
Fun times!
We can't wait to pick you up at the airport tomorrow, Noonie!!! I know it's bittersweet for you having to leave Tata behind when you wish you could have her here with us. We love you and we will be waiting for you with big hugs! XOXO,

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