Saturday, January 25, 2014

passing on a tradition...

I love traditions. 

I love looking back over the years and remembering these special moments...
Growing up in Puerto Rico we always celebrated "El Dia de los Reyes" {3 Kings Day}... the eve of January 5 to the morning of January 6...Epiphany... as the 3 Wise Men traveled through the night guided by the star to meet Baby Jesus and pay Him homage.
Little children leave a box full of grass and a bowl of water for the camels of the Wise Men. And as the Wise Men travel through the night, they stop at each house, and while their camels refuel, they leave a present or two under the children's beds.
And in the morning, little sleepyheads wake up to this...
Sweet innocence!
Yep, more Legos!! ha! But my littles love them and they play with them for hours - LOVE that!!
Although they love presents, as all kids do, I love that my littles know the real meaning of Christmas.
Another year...such sweet memories to look back on. Thank you, Noonie for passing on this sweet tradition!

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